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  1. Does anyone know if this line was double or single on the way to haydock. From a couple of pictures I’ve seen it looks single at earlstown where it crosses the Manchester to Liverpool line. but I don’t know if it stayed like this or it went to double track at some point.
  2. I can see from an old ordinance survey map I came across of the black brook area just how extensive the lines where in the area at 1 point. Today there isn’t much of a trace they was ever there.
  3. A nice bit of info there Henry I don’t suppose you have any pictures of the line.👍🏻
  4. Yes you maybe right ns. I think the line ended up at haydock colliery not sure where it would have gone in the other direction though maybe towards the Vulcan works 👍🏻
  5. Who remembers the railway line that crossed over the Manchester to Liverpool line at the end of the Manchester direction platform. It went across the Car park and under a bridge that is still there behind the post Office Depot in earlstown.
  6. Does anyone have any more info or pictures of the line that ran parallel with boardmans lane. would like to see what it would have looked like back in the day.
  7. Yeah there as been now you mention it 😁 I’m not sure that was the case this time though. I’m presuming they where scrapped a shame if they where because there isn’t many of them restored in preservation.
  8. It’s always the same 1 working why the other 3 or 4 stand and watch. I was at windle road works over the weekend I was at the lights on the east lanes coming from the Liverpool direction and was sat there a good 20 minutes before moving anywhere.the work they are carrying out I can’t see it making that much of a difference to the traffic flow as it is a busy stretch of road.
  9. I remember ogdens travel had 4 or 5 mk2 leyland nationals in the early 1990s, does anyone know what happened to these buses.i remember them being in regular day to day service but they just seemed to disappear all of a sudden.🤔
  10. Your right there ns there isn’t much in town these days. It is just made up now of pound shops, coffee shops and charity shops.
  11. Seen a train of wagons go threw st.helens shaw street around lunch time today. Could this be on its way to the pilkingtons sidings?
  12. Hi ratty not to sure what year it was. I think maybe the late 60s around that time.
  13. Thanks phyll very interesting 🤔gets you thinking about all the activity around the area at the time.
  14. Hi towny good post lots of info there.I to have this map and have spent many an hour looking over it I found it very interesting. The black brook area seems to have been a very congested area for brooks, canals, bridges and railway lines. Which of these lines would have been the 1 that would have gone to haydock colliery and haydock station?
  15. Hi Alan thanks for the info. I have read a few books but not the 1 you mention that’s a new 1 to me.😁 So I think I will be looking out for that 1 thanks again🤗👍🏻
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