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  1. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    Yeah You could get to a lot of places along the old lines. I think they should clear the old runcorn gap line again. it is heavily overgrown at the moment but the line is still in situ up to Morrison’s at Baxters lane. They could of reopened it to the junction given the historical importance of the line. The section Where the line crossed the Liverpool to Manchester line was the first railway in the world to cross another railway. But if it did re open today to the junction just think of all the places people could get to.
  2. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    yeah mally that would be the 1 it went to Southport colliery and Havana pits. It is called the flash today and at 1 point the sidings would have been pretty extensive to the colliery. added 10 minutes later Hi jowen it’s all beginning to join up now what the corse of the line was. The line would have ran threw gaskel park now down to the level crossing at the railway pub on fleet lane. Then it would have crossed Sutton road and been at Sutton oak train shed. added 15 minutes later Thanks non sibi sed omnibus that would make sense being a single line. I wounder how busy the line was how often it was used.
  3. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    Hi Mally the line that you mention is a different line. This 1 was further along broad oak road past the church going towards the horseshoe pub. It would have crossed broad oak road somewhere near where the shed place is today going onto the little industrial estate. It then would have followed the back of Malvern road to the pits.
  4. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    Hi jowen was it a single line or double? Would this have gone across where the little industrial estate is now facing fry street and run along the back of Malvern road?🤔😊
  5. Industrial view

    old railway branch line to triplex.

    Would this be the same line that would have ran from ravenhead sidings, and across marsh level crossing on burton head road?🤔
  6. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    Thanks pauloyick for the picture, it looks like the traffic along the line would have been very busy at the time. It’s surprising how much track was in situ at 1 point and how much lines have been lost over the years. added 7 minutes later Thanks for the info hiss. I remember being told about the jcb that got stuck under the bridge on broad oak road when the bridge was being demolished. Is this something that you know about. Also I believe that there was another line and bridge further along broad oak road it would have been where the oddies club was and the Darby & Joan club is today.
  7. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    Would this line have run from Sutton oak train shed, across fleet lane then threw gaskel park? If so It must have at some point split with 1 part going down boardmans Lane and the other across broad oak road near where the derby & Joan club is now.
  8. Industrial view

    Broad oak road railway line in parr.

    added 2 minutes later Does anyone have any info on the old railway line that ran across broad oak road in parr.

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