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  1. Hi ratty not to sure what year it was. I think maybe the late 60s around that time.
  2. Thanks phyll very interesting 🤔gets you thinking about all the activity around the area at the time.
  3. Hi towny good post lots of info there.I to have this map and have spent many an hour looking over it I found it very interesting. The black brook area seems to have been a very congested area for brooks, canals, bridges and railway lines. Which of these lines would have been the 1 that would have gone to haydock colliery and haydock station?
  4. Hi Alan thanks for the info. I have read a few books but not the 1 you mention that’s a new 1 to me.😁 So I think I will be looking out for that 1 thanks again🤗👍🏻
  5. http://www.penninewaterways.com added 7 minutes later You may find this thread interesting Hirt some good info on there👍🏻 added 8 minutes later Sorry about the spelling mistake Hort
  6. Sorry guys I ment to say it was know as the Sankey brook navigation, it was, in practice, a discrete canal the first canal to be built in England in modern times. It opened as far as the old double lock at black brook by 1757 several years before the first part of the bridge water canal was opened.
  7. This is the line that would have ran at the back of Knowsley road and past the back of the old saints ground to the triple x works. I believe that in the late 70s there was a rail tour along this line and it was the only time passengers was carried across it. added 6 minutes later Does anyone have any pictures of the old line on boardmans lane or the black brook area? Thanks👍🏻
  8. Another good operator back in the late 90s was south lancs travel. They to had some interesting buses in service I think they ended up being taken over by arriva or MTL trust holdings as they was called at the time. South lancs travel are back in operation today but they now cover the Wigan, Leigh and atherton areas.
  9. Me to phyll It’s surprising where lines used to be, and how many there was. Another interesting line is the marsh crossing that crossed burton head road.
  10. Hi ratty I had a good look threw those links and there is some really good info and history of the old Runcorn gap line. I’m really surprised that the line was never kept open at least to the junction given the historical importance of the line. This being It crosses the Sankey canal just after leaving shaw street heading in the Liverpool direction this canal being the oldest canal in the world. Then as it came to the old intersection bridge near st.helens junction where this was the first railway line in the world to cross another railway.
  11. Thanks ratty some good info there very interesting 👍🏻
  12. Who can remember the branch line that went from shaw street and it joined up with the Runcorn gap line near ravenhead junction. It left shaw street at pocket nook near the college went over the canal and what was atlas street. It would have passed what is now the council yard and joined the Runcorn gap line near ravenhead junction.
  13. Thanks non sibi sed omnibus I will have a look for the map that shows the lines of the area.👍🏻 added 2 minutes later 👍🏻Thanks
  14. Thanks for all your info guys. Yes the black brook line that crossed the bridge near where st Augustine’s school is now as a lot of interest in it. There as been lots of inquiries about it. I have always found the old Runcorn gap line also interesting.
  15. Hi saint geff cracking picture be interested to know where you came across it. I was beginning to think no pictures existed of the crossing. Am I right saying this line would have come from Sutton oak sheds, then threw gaskel park and down boardmans lane to haydock colliery.
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