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  1. My sixth novel "Three Good Years" has now been out for over three months and I am wondering if anyone here has read it yet and what are their general comments. For those who haven't, here are a few of the chapter titles. The Jehovah's Widnes, Minnie Cotton versus Dewsbury, Lord Beeching has been beaten before, Them bloody stupid pliers, Telling Stevo about Uno's Dabs, The Church of the Everyday Saints, The lady from Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, The Dream, He's in St Helens Hospital and The CID are now involved. It is set during the 2006, 07 and 08 seasons and has a background of Work, Family Life, Saving the NHS and Rugby League much of it in my fictional local town of Ashurst and includes a very interesting tale about the old Knowsley Road school.
  2. Living in Eccleston in the 1950s, I knew a girl called Margaret Duxberry. Quite recently, while searching on the internet for information for my latest novel now published, I discovered that a few years later as Margaret Chapman she became famous as a painter but died in 2002. She also had a great uncle who was a survivor on The Titanic.
  3. The Minister of Transport around the time of the Beeching railway closures was Eric Marples. His family owned a firm which I think was called Marples Ridgeway. Their special interest was building roads and motorways, which might have explained his particular interest in reducing competition from the railways.
  4. Sometime in the early Sixties, Lord Beeching and the MacMillan Government decided that it would be a good idea to close the railway line that ran from Wigan North Western through Shaw Street station and on to Prescot and then Huyton. They failed because there was a big campaign against it. I remember bits about that campaign because I spent a lot of time in the evening going round collecting signatures for a petition. Does anybody remember or know more about that campaign.
  5. Have been away from this site quite a long while. My excuse was that I was spending a lot of time writing my sixth novel. Now it has just been published. It is called "Three Good Years" and has a background of "Work, Family, Saving the NHS and Rugby League". Among the chapter titles are The Jehovah's Widnes, Lord Beeching has been beaten before, Them bloody stupid pliers, Pissaro, Picasso and Phil's Uncle Jack, The Welsh Chamber Maid, "The Dream", The Church of the Everyday Saints, and He's in "St Helens Hospital". It is set between 2006 and 2008 in my fictional but local town of Ashurst. Available from my publisher London League Publications. Visit www.llpshop.co.uk click on Books and then click on Fiction.
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