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  1. Sounds perfect! I'll sort that out for you now.
  2. Hi Dave, Yup! That's me. Nice to meetcha, cousin from afar! I think my ancestry is a bit of a mixed bag. If I was going to hazard a guess, you're more likely to be a connection on my mother's side, but I still need to get them tested, which I hope to do at some point later this year. That way, I can work out the dichotomy of my matches a little easier. My parents have the proud fact that they are actually 3rd cousins 😖 though (unbeknown to them), so there will likely be some cross-over.
  3. Thanks, Jeff. I suppose, like all of us, we want more information on our ancestors, more than we can realistically gather. I suppose I am curious about Thomas, since I generally have images of a few of my great-grandparents (luckily, not many people do) and I was curious! My father didn't even know the name of his granddad until I started researching our ancestry. So I think the fact that a lot of mystery and lack of detail is what makes it all the more intriguing. The same with my maternal great grandfather. He was adopted, and was even given the false surname of Broomshead on his birth certificate, and the listed parents simply do not exist on any document if the era. Broomhead, maybe, but Broomshead - no. I'm from strange stock... Ahha!
  4. Good spot there, Ratty! It must refer to the lady below (whose record is still closed) who must have married a gentleman with the surname of Abbott. Could be a possible relation, but alas I also find it difficult to work out the date of the annotation. 17.09.x6? I'll have a look into John Henry as well! added 4 minutes later John Henry may have been their son. Although he died as a child, much like most of their other sons. I think Thomas is the only boy who survived into adulthood.
  5. Hi Dave. Thanks for that. I actually have already traced the Abbott lineage back to the 17th century. Ideally, I'd be looking for potential aanecdotal information on Augustus' son, Thomas, who seemed to be a taboo subject in my family.
  6. Hello all, I believe I can gone as far back as I can in the records for my great-grandfather, Thomas Abbott, who for reasons that elude me today became separated from his wife, and his children (although apparently my grandfather used to secretly visit him). So, whilst I know that until the next census becomes available, it is unlikely I will have any more paper evidence but this is unlikely to have much impact on my current knowledge. What I am searching for is potentially somebody who may have a primary or secondary knowledge of him. It's unlikely, but people who may have lived nearby or had family who lived in the area may have had some knowledge of this gentleman. What I do know about Thomas is: - He was born to James Augustus Abbott & Elizabeth Ellen Harrison on 18th January 1892 (according to the birth index, but he lists his birth year as 1891 on the 1939 register). He had 5 sibling. John (1890-1892); Sarah Jane (1895-1981); Mary Elizabeth (1897 - ?); Frank (1899-1912); and Emily (1905 - ?) In 1911, he still lived with his family at 73 Silkstone Street. His occupation was a glass bottle maker. He would have been approximately 19 years old. He was conscripted to the military from 2 Sep 1914 - 9 Dec 1914. 268th Brigade Royal Field Artillery. He was discharged under Paragraph 392, sub-paragraph 3c of King's Regulations. Recruit not being likely to become an efficient soldier. Possible reasons I have concluded for this; due to fitness, poor conduct or academically sub par. 25th December 1915, he marries my great-grandmother Jane Maud Greener (1898-1963) (known as Maude). Witnesses to their marriage were James Littler (Probable relation to Maude's step-father) and Elizabeth Abbott (Mother) Their first daughter Olive, was born 4th April 1917 Their second daughter Florence, was born 27th March 1918 Their son and my grandfather, Robert, was born 17th November 1922. Maude and Thomas were still together until at least 1922 and the birth of my grandfather. The likelihood that Thomas was still around for their childhood is pretty good, considering Robert used to visit his father. Thomas and Maude lived at 22 Waterloo Street, St Helens. (This is the location attributed to Robert's birth). From 1922 to 1939; there is no documentation. During this time, Maude resided with a gentleman, originally from Wigtownshire, Scotland. His name was John Briggs McLorie. He was a widower, with at least two sons. John Briggs McLorie was a dominant force it seems; he reacted with my grandfather who didn't seem to get along too well. My grandfather, who died earlier this year, apparently attributed signing up to the army early in order to get out of the family home. 1937, Olive, his daughter, marries Sidney J Southward. In 1939, according to the register. Thomas was residing at a lodging house, on 26 Market Street, and had (presumably) separated from his wife. The owner of this lodging house was a Sarah Johnson (b. 10th Sept 1879). Thomas' sister, Sarah Jane married a John Johnson. It could be a relation, but given the commonality of the surname, it is not a given. The rest of the Abbott family live at 20 Woodville Street during this period. 1942 - Florence Abbott marries David McLorie (son of John Briggs McLorie). Florence dies later that year from Tuberculosis. Place of death is 34 Hall Street. David McLorie leaves for Canada. 7th July 1953. Thomas Abbott dies from Stomach cancer at Whiston Hospital. His address is listed as Tontine Street (where the multistory now stands), his identity was verified by his daughter Olive. In 1957, Maude marries John Briggs McLorie before his death later that year During December 1963, Maude dies. I know this is probably grasping at straws, but as Thomas is a fairly recent ancestor of mine, if anyone has any other details or facts about the man, it'd be fantastic to find out more. Thanks everyone Leigh Abbott 😍
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