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  1. Our Metro Mayor did an event at Carmel College where people could ask him questions, I managed to get in a question about the Possibility of a Railway Station at Carr Mill. The Event was live Streamed which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/SteveRotheram/videos/2366261897036199/
  2. This makes the case bigger for a Railway Station in the area, A station at Carr Mill is planned but is on Merseytravels 30 year plan (we are about 5 years into that)
  3. I would like to reinstate this feed to get further information on this Line for E.Mails ect. The Line passes Baxers Lane Morrisons, after that where does it go to get to the Junction? Does the Extended Car Park at St Helens Junction get in the way? What Train Stations existed on this line? Is there a lot of unused Land alongside the line? Have any bridges ect been knocked down? Also a quick Question on the Carr Mill Station, Is that being built on the estate known as Chain Lane Estate?
  4. I am not friends with the Management at Hattons Travel and a Coach is a poor replacement for a Train on so many levels.
  5. That is disgusting, I go to Cardiff sometimes and i can get a Return (Advance Singles) for that price.
  6. As some people might be aware in May the Liverpool - Glasgow Service is due to start and will operate 3 times a day, From Press Releases it was understood all 3 would also stop at St Helens Central, Having seen the Timetable for May only 1 will stop at 12:32 along with a service only going to Oxenholme at 20:28, Seems once again St Helens is being bypassed Despite Passenger numbers at St Helens Central on the rise.
  7. Do people still travel to St Helens Junction to get a Train? would have thought people would go to Lea Green instead since the Express stops there
  8. Its now confirmed the 603 is Withdrawn from 28th April.
  9. I will post this here as Relevant to the above, Today i noticed on VOSA that Hattons have cancelled their 140 St Helens - Bold Heath from 21st January 2019 PC1144732/11 CancelledHATTONS TRANSPORT LTDRoute: St. Helens, Bickerstaffe Street to Bold Heath/Lingley Green via Clock Face, St. Helens JunctionService number: 140 ()Service type: Hail & Ride, Normal StoppingEffective date: 21 Jan 2019 After doing some asking around i was made aware of a Tender that has gone out to replace the Hattons 140 however the start date of it is 28/04/19 (The same date as the St Helens Bus Review) Meaning there would be no Service between 21st Jan and 28th April 2019. Also out for tender is a number 39 between St Helens Town Centre and St Helens Junction Railway Station going via Ashtons Green Drive and Baxters Lane. There is 2 Separate Tenders for this (Only one of which will be awarded), One with a Monday - Saturday Service between 07:45 and 17:45, The 2nd Tender includes and Evening and Sunday Tender operating until 22:45. Start date for this is also the 28/04/19 Full Details for the above can be found here: https://procontract.due-north.com/Advert?advertId=6be4b31e-7df9-e811-80ef-005056b64545&p=e0cc5631-4690-e511-80fb-000c29c9ba21
  10. Both sides of Hattons makes money, The Coach side for example bought out another operator only a couple of years ago (Ashcrofts?). The Bus Side has recently gained another contract all the way in Bootle
  11. The 137 was cut back to run Billinge - St Helens only as at the last Bus review it was deemed to costy to keep it going to Prescot, The 139 (Now 289) Replaced it through Nutgrove, Hattons did win the tender for the 139 but when it came up again HTL won it, The fact Hattons did not take it on commercially says it all about the route as Hattons have a reputation to operate a Service commercially where possible. The 152 Passenger numbers are actually increasing at a good rate and gets busy around Edge Hill Uni Start/Finish times The only routes the Tax Payer pays for is them that dont get busy so therefore could not operate without the funding Passenger numbers for said tenders can be found at the following link: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/tender_passenger_number_figures?nocache=incoming-1252760#incoming-1252760
  12. They cant just swap Buses between peak and off peak as that would mean having a lot of Buses sat in a depot for hours doing nothing, The 137 is best as a tender now as if it could work commercially Hattons would have done it as they have a reputation of making Tenders they win into Commercial Services
  13. Merseytravel have uploaded their Document for Bus Services over the Xmas Period, Couple of things to note: Xmas Day: 194/195 Services have been numbered H2 and H3 this year, Seems operating Withdrawn routes once a year was not confusing enough.. The 10X will be numbered the 10A this year Boxing Day and New Years Day: Unlike past years the 35 St Helens - Gillars Green is not operating this year Rainford will have a Bus Service this year in form of the 38A operated by HTL Buses. routes in St Helens that are operating is: 10A St Helens - Liverpool (Arriva & Stagecoach) 17 St Helens - Widnes (HTL Buses) 31 St Helens - Parr (Arriva) 32 Clinkham Wood - Sutton Manor (Arriva) 34 St Helens - Newton-Le-Willows (Arriva) 38A St Helens - Rainford (HTL Buses) 89 St Helens - Liverpool Airport (Arriva) 320 St Helens - Ashton In Makerfield (Arriva) There could be a couple of other minor changes which i will notice when i get chance to read it in great detail https://www.merseytravel.gov.uk/travel-updates/Documents/Xmas booklet 2018 for WEB.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0GpJdK7llFplSzjYotj7hU6kwYYXyxuMarmDHIU7EPySrVJZRgtgl_fRE
  14. There is nothing wrong with the 10 and 10A as they currently are now Deckers operate for both operators The 137 is currently operated by HTL Buses as they put in the lowest bid I believe Rainford will be getting a half hourly 38 again some point next year, one was cut back due to works at Windle Island, Also Rainford has a Boxing Day Bus this year (38A) for the first time
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