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  1. If memory serves me correctly, the position the photo was taken looking up to the road, one of the entrances to the old fair ground used to be there. And where the rail is situated by the slope, is a spot where a Fort used to stand. This fort was built at an odd angle so as to give the impression that the floors listed as you made your way through it's passages. The actual ramp that is evident in the photo, was used the put Row Boats into and out of the water. The Boat Swings, Roller Rink etc, were situated close to were the current Waterside Restaurant is and part of the very same building is where the Club Cat's Whiskers used to stand. Where the current Waterside Bar is situated, there used to be a long building with a number of lock-ups that were used to keep safe the many items which were used for hire - Rowing Boat Oars, Peddle cycles and a Motorised train which ran on wheels not tracks. etc. There was also a Helter-Skelter on it's roof, so would be visible from the main roads. The actual train which did run on tracks left from a makeshift boarding station around the end of the current Waterside Restaurant, it then ran through the woods past a turn style running parallel to Carmill Road. It then terminated at a point between Kirkstone Avenue and Carmill Primary School and returned via the same route. I was fortunate to have lived at Clinkhamwood between 1952 - 1968 and lucky enough to have experienced the delights of Carmill Fair - It was a magical time!! I hope I have gone a small way to explain the history of the memories of what these photo's mean. Kind regards Ron H
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