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  1. hi.can anyone tell me where i can get a photo of the old caldo and little chef on the east lancs dr form the 1960s or early 70s
  2. where would i find pictures of the old caldo and little chef on the east lancs rd at windle, from the 1960s 0r 70s
  3. Hi tere Mark, i have sent you an email, can you tell me on this forum if you have recieved it ,cheers
  4. Hi Mark,i have only just seen your item about the Gamble family i;m just looking into my family history,what i can tell you is that james gamble was my grandfather,his wife was Edith Mather they had they had five children i can;t tell you the exact order of their birthsbut it will be something on these lines Betsy louise, Dorothy, William,Joyce and Elsie Gina. My mother was Betsy born in 1927 died 1994, and my father was Thomas Colquitt. my grandparents second home was 135 boundary rd. St helens and they lived there until their deaths.jJames 1960 and Ediths 1970. added 6 minutes later Hi Mark, my grandfather was the pilot, and his brother was George, I have no more info on the rest of their siblings. I have my grandads flight log, a copy ,the original is in the war museum.Also his passport from after the war when he flew in South Africa. I also have George's war medals as they were left to my mother. I will probably have more info for you when you reply. added 22 minutes later H i Mark, one of my mums sisters is the last remaining sibling . Elsi Gina,but has always gone under her second name Gina, she is my last remaining Aunty on my mothers side she was a nurse at whiston hospital until her early twenties, the moved to Canada with one of her friends,then later moved to San Francisco where she still lives.Her married name is Hagmier, her husband was Dan now deceased, they had three childred two girls one boy. The last time i saw Gina was when she came home for Joyce's funeral and we went for dinner together. More info when i come across some , cheers
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