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  1. cathbaddeley

    Fingerpost during 1930's and ww2

    Contact info for Fingerpost stories Thank you all for getting back to me, i will indeed try and get a hold of the book Marie and i will leave my email address for anyone who desires to contact me or send me any info, please don't send any info as an attachment though. Thanks again. tomkittenb@cathbaddeley.fsnet.co.uk I hope this is alright with the moderators? Cath
  2. cathbaddeley

    Fingerpost during 1930's and ww2

    Hi Bill I would indeed be grateful of any info on the characters out and about in fingerpost, shops, entertainment anything you can think of that would be helpful. thanks again cath
  3. I am atempting to write a novel loosly based on my grandparents life during ww2 and would be very pleased if anyone has and memories or stories of fingerpost, st helens during ww2, what life was like, local characters, shops etc thank you Catherine

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