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  1. I knew of the Open Air School and that my neighbour a Derek Hart went there in the 50's added 4 minutes later Woodsman, Carl Sims here, you seem to have known me and my family including pets, very well. Will you let me put a face to Woodsman or will you continue to hide 🤔
  2. I remember Ashall's at the corner of North Rd and Hard Lane close to the East Lancs Rd., unless North Rd didn’t extend that far ? Went in there to trade in my Austin 1100 for a 3 year old white MGB GT. The salesman knew his stuff, pressing down hard and fast on my 1100's rear causing horrible cracking sounds from both sides to show me the suspension had gone and bringing my hopes of a good deal to an embarrassing end 😳 Still bought the car, HUN 165 E 😀 Nice engine but appalling build quality, ( they made it so easy for the Japanese to show us how )😡 I remember making a grippy rubber washer from a rubber glove in a fairly successful attempt to stop the door lock spinning round whenever I attempted to lock it 😤. A 3 year old car ?😣 Eventually unable to afford the two 6volt batteries for it I traded it for a new, 'top or the range'😂, Bond Bug, receiving £70 from a delighted salesman and that weekend shamelessly taking it to a meet at Oulton Park 🤪
  3. And it powdered and disappeared. We can thank the dog food manufacturers for today’s pavement and park deliveries, causing a once proud nation to now 'appear' bent and bowed, actually having to permanently scan the floor 'in case of mishap'💩, but not forgetting the owners of the s - - - machines ALLOWED to foul our lives, for me the true culprits. May those lazy b - - - - - - go to hell and forever drown in it 🤗
  4. I agree, Cormorant and the dreaded fishing line, looks like the hook as well. How many creatures an not just fish, have choked or starved or been poisoned by our rubbish 😳 An estimate of animals killed and injured on the world’s roads is put at around 400,000, daily. There’s a beautiful world to be had if we could only get rid of people 🤔😃👍
  5. A far cry from the days when it was known as The Hotties because of it being used for cooling in Pilkingtons factory, to be returned as hot spray back into the canal making it a magnet for kids to go swimming. A few drowned over the years 😳
  6. In '53 I remember after the Queens Coronation I was standing at the corner of Kirkland St and Westfield St. with my mum, ( or is that Liverpool Rd, always get them mixed up🙄), as the Royal Car with the Queen wizzed by, I assume now it was on a whistle stop tour of England to be seen by her subjects. I'd have been six but the memory was burned into my tiny brain because my poor parents couldn’t afford the nine pence for a flag, ( I remember the cost😱), for me to wave when what seemed like all around me had flags. Resentful and upset at the time, much later I was able to appreciate their constant battle to put food on the table ☹️ Comparatively we have it soft and easy these days, more often than not people struggling because they cannot manage what money they have, waisting it on indulgences and 'entertainments' of various kinds. I can still see my mother cutting old clothes into strips to make rugs ☹️
  7. Oh the memories. The Happy Valley Bridge on page one. If anyone can make out the very thin cross members at 45 degrees to the main structure, they were about six inches wide but with a three inch rib in the center running their full length so our feet only had about three inches of metal either side of the rib for each foot to stand on. Precariously balanced we'd shuffle slowly across out of shear bravado. If a train went over you went ridged and stopped breathing. Makes me cringe at the insanity but proud I did it. I was never aware of anyone falling 😳
  8. Just did a reply talking about the Happy Valley Bridge photo but can’t find it anywhere. What am I doing wrong 😳
  9. Bishbash ...... That picture could have been me and my yacht Endeavour lll, my dad used to take me to sail it. Strange how toys of yesteryear simply disappeared without you even noticing, memories of them hitting you in later years as you ponder what happened to them, why they disappeared ? As a family Taylor Park was often a day out beginning with a bus ride from Boundary Rd to 'Toll-bar', ( because there had been a toll-gate there. Always ice-cream from the still there long building by the big lake and hide and seek in the bushes. Not surprised to hear it was a health hazard, still, shallow water like that had to be dodgy 😳 Living in France now but my heart firmly linked to a wonderful childhood in St Helens, I made a point recently to stroll through Taylor Park soaking in the memories, only to find the paddling pool grassed over and occupied by an army of grey squirrels. I suppose it was inevitable but at least it’s outline was still visible as I saw my lovely daddy watching over me as always.
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