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  1. added 19 minutes later Ratty, Thank you for your support in researching the family. A cousin of my fathers , I think christian name Jean, surname Farrimond, lived at 216A Boundary Rd, St Helens. There was also a cousin Alice in St Helens but not sure of her address. I am not sure if their connection to the family is through my grandfather or grandmother. Both are now deceased.
  2. Thanks for your assistance. I can see that Jane Carr may have remarried Thomas Barnes as both Isaac and Daniel are living with them. Could explain then why Isaac did not know his fathers name on the wedding certificate.
  3. Looking to go back further. Can trace Isaac Bradley, Franks father, to his birth in 1862. Beyond that is difficult as his father was listed, surname only. There was a suggestion that Isaac was adopted.
  4. I am trying to trace the Bradley family. They left St Helens in 1927 for Australia. Frank Bradley, Annie Bradley(Boardman) and their two sons Herbert and Francis. Frank Bradley was born on 8th October 1886 at Platts Bridge, Whiston. His father Isaac Bradley married Sarah Smith on 12th April 1886 at St Thomas Eccleston. Their address was listed as 136 Liverpool Rd. Isaac Bradleys' father was listed as soldier with no first name given. Sarah Smiths father was Thomas Smith, a miner. Any help in sourcing further information would be appreciated
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