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  1. Never got the credit he so richly deserved. God bless and keep you Austin.
  2. I was married in this church on Saturday the 30th March 1960 (or was it 61) and I think the inside was gutted with fire the following day. Dad told me not to look forward to anything for the rest of my life. Think he was joking (or was he?).
  3. What I remember about Bill was he. Got very little credit at times for the effort he put into every game he played, but on the occasions alast ditch tackle was needed he was there. A very underestimated player. added 10 minutes later Thanks for that Big Jeff, sorry to learn of Austin's health. It's this damned age thing you know, it gets to us all in the end.
  4. Thanks Dion and everyone else for your comments. Just had a call from my eldest grandson, the. Conversation went something along these lines; (Him) Pops, are you still taking those damned silly pills? I'll have to go out in the morning with a bag over my head to hide my embarrassment. Hugh Tayfield was a South African spin bowler nick named "Toey" I'm told because he was pigeon toed; but don't quote me on that. (Me) okay. I won't . (Him) There never has been a rugby player who played for Saints called Tayfield so please Pops let it go and chuck those damned pills away. ( end of conversation) Okay knowall, I bow to your much superior sporting knowledge and the pills are well and truly chucked.
  5. Thanks Fred.43, think I'm getting too old for this; did Alex Murphy play anywhere in the 1961 final?
  6. Yes Hort, remember now Austin did play scrum half in the 1956 final but I still can't remember who his stand off partner was; can you? He then played full back in the 1961 final, Alex Murphy was our brilliant scrum half. added 15 minutes later Thanks Familyman,, Tayfield was nick named "Toey" because of his goal kicking ability, hardly ever missed. I was sure he played with the likes of Ray Cale, Steve Llewelyn, Jimmy Lowe. A real tough little feller. I'll have a look at the Saint's Heritage site to see what I can find.
  7. Thought about him Hort, but I think he came within the Alex Murphy era. The four in question played throughout the fifties, I think.
  8. George Langfield/Jimmy Honey, Toey Tayfield/Todder Dickinson; were they the right combination ? If not who were the right ones? Ta Tom
  9. Thanks for all your replays; could I comment in particular to Halji's reply. Would really like to chat to you privately regarding this topic but I don't know how we could exchange e mail addresses; could you advise please. Tom
  10. Hello All, Back in the mid 50's to early 60's I served an apprenticeship at Holman Michelle in Salisbury Street. Some of my workmates were Jack Martin, Billy Thelwell, Jack Finney, Ted Buckley, Jim Pye and Maureen Nee. Sadly most of them will have now passed away but I wondered if these names meant anything to anyone. Haven't been back to the old town for over 50 years now so wouldn't know where else to start looking. Thanks
  11. You're right Dig it was Birchley Street; didn't know about the tar though, just putty and mastic. Thanks
  12. Hello All, i wonder if anyone out there has any memories of Sealanco Ltd that was situated at the bottom of what I think was Birch Street.
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