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  1. nannyglover

    Vigil for Danny Fox

    Maybe you should take a lesson from this Hort , facts speak louder than Gossip ?
  2. nannyglover

    Who knows George furey blackbrook st helens

    I do Mally , I think that's my niece asking questions about Furey , Barry,s daughter .it's good to hear from you . added 20 minutes later What are you doing with yourself these days? added 23 minutes later I am Georgina Houghton as was , now nannyglover , are you on Facebook ?
  3. nannyglover

    Ashurst drive

    Does anyone remember the Houghton family from Ashurst Dr , one of the daughters was murdered in the 60,s wondering what happened to them ?
  4. nannyglover

    Who knows George furey blackbrook st helens

    Why don't you just ask us Katie
  5. nannyglover

    children's home in clinkham wood

    Yes there was , aswell as 2 in windlehurst hall Dr , I don't remember the name of the one in clinkham wood though .
  6. nannyglover

    Who knows George furey blackbrook st helens

    We didn't live next door , he lived further up Ashurst Dr & only had one son added 5 minutes later Your grandad died b4 Linda was murdered & my mum died after they moved us from Ashurst Dr into Recreation st , we where put in to care in window hall Dr your dad was fostered out & met your mother Pauline ? added 8 minutes later Who told you this ? added 22 minutes later We didn't live there we lived in Ashurst Dr

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