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  1. Bishbash

    Two more 'For Sale'

    not Darwens !.. another piece of st Helens history gone ..
  2. Bishbash

    Around St.Helens

    great shots & imagine if someone would have taken the same amount time and effort to take similar pics of the town and around its outskirts too over the years,, to show how the town has changed completely now..
  3. Bishbash

    Cemetery tree

    yes. it seems to be .. we plant them too..
  4. Bishbash

    Cemetery tree

    a coincidence :-) I am also the gardener at burial ground in Rainford and we also have inherited a peacock on the land and everyone asks for his feathers too ..thats were my interest in trees lies too.. added 2 minutes later Yes, I like the tree too.. and what a sad story,, i always think the tree looks like its cherishing babies and small children within its trunk
  5. Bishbash

    Cemetery tree

    that old tree in cemmy
  6. Shadws in the snow
  7. to the boathouse. ..Autumn .17
  8. Bishbash

    Friths farm

    the old farmhouse , bottom of red rocks
  9. Bishbash

    Beast from the east, taylor park

    but did they put their " big coats " on . ;-)
  10. get ready fro the beast from the east, cant wait!
  11. Bishbash

    Matt Crevey

    thanks for the info. some impressive stuff! he was my great granddad..he also could jump on a tray off eggs without breaking any my gran used to tell us
  12. Winter at Taylor
  13. Bishbash

    Matt Crevey

    Anyone recall Matt Crevey from Fingerpost & his famous jumping legendary tales

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