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  1. Cookie store announces it is closing in St Helens 'with a heavy heart' WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK A COOKIES store has announced "with a heavy heart" that it has closed its St Helens premises. That is a shame. My little girl loved getting Cookies from there.
  2. Segregation the answer? So it's cheap establisment drinkers and ethnic group not yet determined by you that need to be dealt with?
  3. Reading through comments on facebook, some people have claimed that the more 'nicer' places have also broken covid rules, larger groups of people allowed, etc, without any come back. Hate to think the smaller businesses are just easier targets.
  4. Suppose whose drinking and doing drugs, really. I've been in some very pricey, poncey places, full of very well dressed and distinguished chaps, huddled in the lovely toilets, passing a rolled up 20, possible 50, and hoovering up the white stuff. And getting a bit 'fighty' before being ejected by the door staff. added 24 minutes later Did the Dreem used to be called 'Bobbys Bar'? The fist time I came to St Helens on a nightout, I was took to Bobbys Bar which I am sure is where Dreem is now. It baffled me as I remember going upstairs in Bobbys Bar. I guess that will be the VIP lounge if I got the right premises.
  5. Not been in there for a ages. Usually If i go in there it's early hours of the morning if I am out and about, which, pre lock down, wasn't very often. Not been in during the day, when it brings in the the clientele that isn't particularly popular with some. Actually, I did go in one Sunday afternoon in 2017, when I was living in the centre. Two of my mates visited, on a bank holiday Sunday, and we went to the likes of the Sefton, Running Horses (rather go the Dreem or a off licence than in there, now), the Nelson and made our way, around to Duke Street and I suggested popping into the Dreem, telling them it has a bit of a reputation, but the lager was cheap. So we went in, and one of my friends whose a bit of a scaredy cat, didn't feel comfortable and asked if we could sit out the back in the smoking area. Think a rather rough customer was a bit worse for wear and shouting by the bar. So we did, plus my mate could smoke. As we sat outside, chatting away and my mates asking me what this Duke Street was like, a car pulled up sharpish, bit of a skid, and a bloke ran out the car, leaving his car door open, and ran into Dreem. Few seconds later, he was dragging a lady out by her arm, shouting and she was shouting back and both ended up in the car, and sped off. Obviously some sort of domestic. My scaredy friend was even more put off, lol. I've seen a lot worse than that from where we are from. Ended up spending the next few hours in Duke Street until my friends parted, but my Scaredy friend did get spooked once more in the Green Room when we was waiting at the bar, the pub was busy, and no bar staff could be seen. I asked a rather older gentleman if the staff are doing anything in particular, only for him to turn round and aggressively ask if I or anyone was looking for trouble, lol. I put my hand on his elbow and smiled and told him no one is looking for trouble, just go enjoy himself. He looked then turned away, as Scaredy ran straight back to our other mate at the table we was standing by lol. They not been back since lol. Scaredy won't even consider it lol.
  6. Two licensed venues hit by fines for failing to comply with coronavirus regulations WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK TWO licensed premises have been hit with fines for failing to comply with coronavirus regulations.
  7. I'll let them surprise me. It's bigger than Church Street McDonalds, and more clean than Wetherspoons, the last one I was in anyway. I have faith.
  8. I went to McDonalds on Church street yesterday with my daughter. Wasn't particularly busy. Did see the Wetherspoons open and a few smokers outside. Same with Coco on Westfield Street. I saw a few groups of men out walking down Bridge Street so people are clearly having a beverage or two. Got a few plans to take the kids to Kaspas or the Chinese Buffet over the festive period. No meet up with friends on the cards. Can't be bothered with this meal deal bollocks. Was considering a trip up to Blackpool for a night or two, but will probably leave it till next year once (hopefully) things get to normal. I'm even considering going on Indeed and seeing if any temporary work going over the period while I'm off. Merry bloomin xmas.
  9. Few pubs doing cheap deals. I believe a pub in Liverpool is only charging a quid for chips and burger, but that's just a mate telling me. It does appear that Mr Wetherspoon is being looked after. Also, how does a meal stop drinkers catching covid? Maybe we should all just eat while out and about, instead of wearing masks. The obesity issue will escalate, as the gyms are either closed or restricted.
  10. Where does our brown bin rubbish and recycling go? WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK THESE days if you buy anything more than a banana from the fruit and veg shop, you’re likely to be left with something you will have to throw away. A quite a regular topic that pops up on this forum and Facebook groups.
  11. I have yet to visit the Crank Caverns, yet I always intend to go. Is there a bus service from St Helens centre that goes near or to a path that leads to it?
  12. St Helens has third highest number of fly tipping cases in north west WWW.STHELENSSTAR.CO.UK ST HELENS saw the third highest number of fly tipping incidents in the north west during the past 12 months, according to new data.
  13. Confused or angered that I dare disagree with you?
  14. Or free WiFi. Oh, they do. Home entertainment is no longer a radio, or just a television and video, you now have the Internet and you have multiple channels, also Netflix and the like. Smoking ban also contributed. People also don't earn enough to drink every night if they have their own home. So they get a crate from the supermarket for a fraction of the price. Go to Liverpool City centre pubs and bars in the more tourist areas are charging over 4 quid a pint..... May as well get a box of ten cans for a tenner out of Asds and watch sky sports or Netflix with the lads round. Also, people are getting healthier. Not as many drinking, more going the gym. Saying people don't talk maybe true but then you get some people in pubs you would rather not talk to. See the appeal to sitting in.
  15. Any news on the injured gentleman?
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