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  1. Confused or angered that I dare disagree with you?
  2. Or free WiFi. Oh, they do. Home entertainment is no longer a radio, or just a television and video, you now have the Internet and you have multiple channels, also Netflix and the like. Smoking ban also contributed. People also don't earn enough to drink every night if they have their own home. So they get a crate from the supermarket for a fraction of the price. Go to Liverpool City centre pubs and bars in the more tourist areas are charging over 4 quid a pint..... May as well get a box of ten cans for a tenner out of Asds and watch sky sports or Netflix with the lads round. Also, people are getting healthier. Not as many drinking, more going the gym. Saying people don't talk maybe true but then you get some people in pubs you would rather not talk to. See the appeal to sitting in.
  3. Any news on the injured gentleman?
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