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  1. One of my Gt Grandmothers was a Pickavance. Her father was George Pickavance who was the landlord at the Eccleston Arms in 1871. No clue if there's any connection to the haulage company.
  2. Just sharing this in case a member of the family sees it. The medals of Sjt Barker have come up for auction. The lot includes a letter written by one of Barker's mates who was present at Barker's death, with a sketch map of where it happened. Here's a link to the auction (hope it works): https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/richard-winterton-auctioneers/catalogue-id-srric10226/lot-8ed06af9-4710-4079-a6b8-ac8700e665ca  I have no connection to the auction or the seller. I just thought this would be a great item for a family historian.
  3. Hmmm... interesting, Mishka. One of my Grandma's sisters, Margaret Lee, married a William Holden in 1915. Wonder if there's a family connection?
  4. Hi Phyll, Many, MANY thanks for those links which really help provide some background context. I wonder if the Glass Museum might know whether "Northern Lights" was a company magazine? I guess I'll keep digging. Hopefully something will turn up. Kind regards, Mark
  5. Wow, thanks Alan. Those are some useful details. I'd heard of sticky bombs before but never knew of the connection to St.Helens. Hopefully someone can confirm whether Northern Lights was a company publication for Ashdowns or Triplex.
  6. I came across an article about a relative who retired from Ashdowns Ltd on 26 Sept in, I believe, 1959. He joined the firm in 1941, working in the tool room before transferring to "Eccleston's Mould Shop" in 1947. The page header has an emblem with the words Northern Lights. I'm guessing Northern Lights may have been a company journal or magazine? I understand Ashdowns was a subsidiary of Triplex and produced perspex and other plastic mouldings. Can anyone shed any more light on Ashdowns or Northern Lights in the period 1941-1959? Many thanks, Mark
  7. Could it just be an indexing error? If the details are identical, perhaps the Liverpool Probate record somehow became incorrectly associated with the Scottish Probate records during the indexing process. Stranger things have happened.
  8. Hi Ratty, Fraud I don't. I haven't done much Boer War research. I was simply offering to help with the task of getting the list of St.Helens Boer War veterans ready to add to the Rolls of Honour website.
  9. Big_Jeff_Leo, Sent you a PM re St.Helens men who served in the Boer War. Happy to help with that research if you're interested. Cheers, Mark
  10. FamilySearch is likely.no worse.than any other genealogy charting application. Its contributors are.almost all amateur family historians just like most of us are on Ancestry and elsewhere. I've seen plenty of inaccurate public trees on Ancestry.com.
  11. Given that almost all info used in family trees is openly available, I'm struggling to understand what sensitive info might be recorded. I suppose there could be sensitivities over some dark family secret....but if the source data is on the internet (or via Ancestry/FMP), then surely it isn't a secret any more? Am I missing something?
  12. Many thanks. I still haven't succeeded in procuring the CD but I'll keep trying (I have so many relatives who lived in Parr that my lookup requests would keep you busy for months!). Enjoy your trip and be safe!
  13. Ratty, Dumb question but are the maps included in the CD with the grave inscriptions? Many thanks, Mark
  14. It looks like the image was resampled during one of the moves. Typically that's do e when texting or emailing an image to reduce the file size. Is it possible a thumbnail or other low-res version was copied by mistake between the 2 laptops?
  15. Hi Tessmop, Yes, I am looking for a number of Haseldens. I expected to find 2 John's and the Edward. I need to investigate the Alive as that's an unexpected find. I was also hoping to find a William Pountney. His wife, Elizabeth, was another Haselden.
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