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  1. Have a vague memory that he went to Prescot Girls Grammar
  2. I worked on the Warrington Road computer site for a year from 1968 to1969. I was a young 18 yr old trainee programmer, working on the conversion from the Leo III to the new ICT 1900. There was no computer on site and we had to send packs of cards down the East Lancs to Leigh where it was compiled. Took weeks to get a clean compile. I can remember a few of the people I worked with. Doug Capstick was the DPM. He had his own office the other side of the corridor. Some of the workers were Ian, Bernie, Bill and Mike who were probably there from the beginning. My memories of those days were all good and some of the best working days of my career. One of those days though, wasn't quite so good, when three of us was taking boxes of cards to the Leigh centre and we managed to go into the back of a lorry. It just came out in front of us. We all survived, but didn't make it to Leigh that day. Only stayed there for a year as my dad, who also worked for the BI got transferred to Erith and we all moved south. Lunchtimes were fun in those days - running across the road to play bowls or table tennis and I was lucky enough to be working when it was the year when everybody was treated to a trip to Blackpool. And Christmas Eve when we had been drinking in the social club until 2pm, then shot off to a pub in St Helens, then back to the social club. Then when I came out it had been snowing heavily and I don't know how I managed to walk up to the Wellie! added 3 minutes later In the Leo III days and before my time, I was told a story of a disgruntled operator taking a gun into the computer room and shooting the console. Was that a true story?
  3. I've been there (1968/69) - my desk was next to the window where the photographer was standing.
  4. Sharky

    L. Roberts ?

    First, let me introduce myself. My user name is a nickname I picked up when I was working in London - Sharky Ward. I went to Eccleston Lane Ends primary and then PGS. Incidently, my grandfather also attended PGS when it was located in the old clinic. My other grandfather lived in Prescot, whilst my Great Uncles were wheelwrights and were based at the top of Eccleston Hill on the way to St Helens. But my real name is Keith and there are a few names on the forum that I have recognised. My father (Vic) worked for the BI all his life and just after the war founded the Prescot Road Club (Cycling), which leads me to the topic of this post. My father passed away in 1993 and one of the items that came to me was a cycling medal, inscribed "L Roberts 1959". For some reason, he cannot have collected his medal at the end of season awards dinner. So if anybody knows an L. Roberts who was a cyclist and a member of Prescot RC, or is a descendent, I would be more than happy to hand over the medal.
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