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  1. philthespark

    Another Stabbing!

    They conveniently forget the most important tribute, somewhat more accurate in my opinion. He was a cowardly little bastard, who couldn't fight without a knife, and this waste of oxygen took the life of another human being.
  2. philthespark

    Travellers at Haresfinch Park

    I went past Sherdley park this morning and there were a good few caravans parked in the middle of the park, I did notice that some of them had foreign number plates, so possibly they are the same ones from Victoria Park. Our police are pathetic, they'll only have a go when there are more of them than of the offender, I've seen 6 or 8 coppers turn up when a bloke is beating up his wife, but get a load of gyppo's causing grief and they are conspicuous by their absence. It makes me wonder though, if I was to visit the park, and rather than carry all my picnic stuff onto the grass, if I just drove on with my car, I wonder what would happen, I bet it wouldn't be long before I was moved on, but probably not before they'd given me a ticket for something.
  3. philthespark

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    She lived in Bramwell st, up by St Peters church, hotpots, now that reminds me, Highcocks butchers sold delicious hotpots, they were on that parade of shops at Tickle Ave,
  4. philthespark

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    My grandma was Sally Army, I've a photo of her and a load of other stern looking ladies in their hats, stood outside the building in Ramford street, I think they were going on an outing or something, she died when I was about 19, 30 odd years ago, I've still got her old Sally Army hymnbook in a cupboard.
  5. philthespark

    Charcoal Grill Closed

    It's all about maximum earnings for minimum effort these days, my mate has a farm, his father worked on it as a lad, then years later when the old fella died, he bought it, the old guy is 86 now and still keeps his hand in, my mate has brought the farm on, invested in new equipment, and we built a large grain store, his two sons, early twenties, have no interest in it whatsoever, they've both applied to join the Royal Navy. Then again, when you have to get a big crop in and it's going to piss down in two days and ruin it, so you are working 24hrs to get it in, it's quite tough, I know, it's no joke being called out to a breakdown at midnight, when everyone else is just going to bed after a night at the pub, even worse when you finally get to bed at about 3 am, and have to be up again at 6! In one way or another, I've been around farms all my life, even working in other industries, you never escape your farming friends, they still ring up with problems, and I'll still go and help them. My mates' place is alongside the M62, near the dream, I sweated blood over building that place, we laid concrete, assembled buildings, I wired it all, installed all the camera's, and the control system. There were times I'd go in at 4 pm, and leave at 5 am, just so I could do stuff that I couldn't do in the daytime, it was bloody hard graft, but every time I drive past, I feel proud, because I played a major part in creating something that will be there long after I'm gone. Sadly the youth of today don't understand that.
  6. philthespark

    Travellers at Haresfinch Park

    You probably won't see any work vehicles, they are on holiday! They usually spend a few weeks each summer going round working out the best places to rip off next, There's a large traveller camp in Blackpool, in winter it's full, in summer it's almost deserted. Incidentally has anyone heard all the BS about the arrests made over that brewery that got trashed? Apparently the police have arrested, 3 men and a 16 year old boy, wow that's a huge number of arrests, considering there was about a hundred of the thieving swines at the brewery, what's the betting they get off with it, I bet we don't hear of any more getting dragged in. It seems they are some kind of protected species, they can go around doing whatever they want, and get away with it, look at thatincident when that old bloke killed one, there was bugger all done about them making threats, or leaving piles of flowers outside the old guy's house, but when the locals threatened to turn nasty the police threatened to lock them up. Sorry for the rant, it's just these scumbags want eradicating, If I had my way I'd be building a bloody big gas chamber.
  7. philthespark

    Money for nothing....

    yes that's the one, it was owned by a friend of my father, it shut down several months ago iirc.
  8. philthespark

    Money for nothing....

    Magpies nest afaik was always where it was, the one on the corner was another one, owned by a friend of my father, Casey bros, had a shop on North road at one point, also Kays welding products started off there too.iirc, the building 2 doors down with the brown windows used to be the welding shop, the window had different bits of welding equipment in it. Also later on there was a restaurant there, Larkins? they used to do Sunday dinners originally, then got so popular they opened at other times, they had no licence, so if you wanted beer or wine with your meal, you brought your own. They should let you do that in all the restaurants, the prices some of them charge is criminal, I remember one and a bottle of wine that was about 4 quid in the off licence was about 15 quid in the restaurant, I know they have to make a profit, but come on, over 300% that's taking the piss.
  9. philthespark

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on any of those DNA things, they cannot work unless the majority of people use them. When the police use DNA to catch an offender, it works for one of two reasons, either the offenders DNA is already on the police database,(remember when you get arrested for an offence now, they take a DNA sample, as well as fingerprints and photo's) or as in the case of Colin Pitchfork, he was caught after the police took DNA samples from a large number of men in the local area, even then he nearly got away with it after he got a friend to give a sample for him first. I've heard from people who've wasted good money on these sites, the best they can do is tell you your approximate ethnicity, in other words, although your parents and grandparents may have come from lets say Scotland, somewhere a long way back you had a relative from say Jamaica. Most people want to know who they are related to now, and possibly to meet them, e.g if you are a Jones from St Helens, are you related to the Jones's from that Welsh mining village, or the Jones's from Birmingham? It's of very little practical use to find out that somewhere about 200 years ago, one of your ancestors was a black woman from the Carribean. I think these companies are making huge amounts of cash from the fact that whilst a lot of people have heard of DNA, they have very little idea of how it really works, they say ignorance is bliss, in this case, I think ignorance could lead to people parting with money, only to be disappointed.
  10. philthespark

    Hot Curry

    no idea what this incident was, but here's a link to the MFS incidents page, you may find interesting. http://www.merseyfire.gov.uk/aspx/pages/Incidents/IncidentDetailsList.aspx
  11. philthespark

    More dumping

    You can get some excellent covert camera's for less than a hundred quid and hide them in trees, or on that bridge would be perfect, they record a series of photo's onto an sd card. it would be well worth them sticking one in and catching these scumbags!
  12. philthespark

    Looking UP on Merton Bank Road

    The troughs were there to evenly distribute the slurry, the used sand was pumped over in the pipe and the troughs used to spread it out to create the "square mountain" rather than it just ending up in a large heap, in one of the original photo's you can see some of the stuff leaching out onto the path, it seems to have gotten less over the years, but it's slippy stuff, it was that that used to cause a lot of the accidents under the bridge.
  13. philthespark

    Come to st.helens this sunday?

    Looks more like a bloody nightmare to me. lol
  14. philthespark

    One for Joe 90

    I remember some years ago, I was working on a Sheffield Arena and for safety reasons, we had an area cordoned off while we carried out some work. We had barriers, tape, and signs, yet this bloke decided to make his way through it all to take a shortcut. I approached him and told him he'd have to go back the way he'd come, as he was in a restricted area, his reply was, "hold on a minute, I'm (name withheld), the boxer, I can go where I like". I didn't care who he was, and I cared for his attitude even less, so I advised him that if he didn't lose the attitude and sod off back the way he'd come, he'd end up having a new experience because I'd beat the crap out of him! He went very quiet and left, about 10 minutes later one of the lads appeared and said he'd just seen the famous boxer and he was hoping to get his autograph later when I told him I'd just threatened to give him a hiding, he was shocked, "you can't talk to him like that, he's famous" he said. "maybe he is, but it doesn't allow him to enter a restricted area, and it certainly doesn't entitle him to get lippy with me" I replied. I hate it when somebody thinks that just because they've been on television, or are famous in some other way that they can do what they want, they should behave better and set a good example to others,how can we expect the youngsters to behave like decent people, when their idols behave like idiots!
  15. philthespark

    Looking UP on Merton Bank Road

    I did it, I think I was about 7 or 8 at the time, it was a popular thing to do, looking back it was bloody stupid, if you'd have fell when you were in the middle, it would have been game over, my mam would've had a fit if she'd seen me doing it.lol

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