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  1. It's funny reading this again, recently I've started trying to recreate my past, I keep looking for things from back when, and buying them. I've got an old Avo meter, the same one I had when I was an apprentice, I bought an old Black and Decker drill, in very good nick, because it was the same as the first drill I ever owned, I bought an old Bosch drill, again in good nick, because it was the same as the one I had when I was an apprentice, at the weekend I even went out and bought a leather jacket, identical to the one I had when I rode motorbikes many years ago, Sadly I can't find a cycling proficiency badge (triangular it was) but I keep finding, and collecting other things from my past. I did find a motorbike like the one I had, but couldn't afford it, not at several thousand pounds, and to think I paid a little over £400 brand new back then. I listened to a Max Boyce video on YT the other day, I'd not heard it for nigh on 30 years, but I still knew it off by heart, lol. I remember some mad things about the old days, remember uncle Dave, or John, or whatever his name was, he wasn't a real uncle, just a bloke down the road who'd borrowed your dads drill or some other tools. Sayings too were quite funny, 'you could make a meal out of nothing if you had the stuff', or you can't have a butty if you haven't got one, or some of the really silly ones that your mum said to you as a kid, 'if you fall of that wall and break your legs, don't come running to me', or 'do you want a good hiding', that was a cracker wasn't it? I always wondered if anyone ever replied with something like, 'well actually mam I was going to ask for an ice cream, but go on, I'll have a good hiding instead', but of course nobody ever did, because you didn't answer back, or 'wait 'til you father gets home, that's all, you just wait' Remember your mam counting, 'I'll count to three and that's it, one, two, and right on three she'd throw her shoe at you, they were always those wooden sandal things, Schol's I think they were called, then you had to take it back to her, and if she missed she'd belt you with it when you took it back.
  2. My mate worked there, he was an electrician, Ian Gee, his dad was a chargehand IIRC, anyway he served his time there as an apprentice spark and had a bad accident when he fell on a piece of glass and injured his hand and arm. He took me for a walk around one day, I'll never forget it, we arrived on our motorbikes and went in, we walked all around the site wearing our leathers and bike helmets and nobody batted an eyelid. Just as we were leaving someone shouted us to stop, we turned around and it was his dad, he only stopped us because he recognised the helmets and wondered what we were doing there. I served my time at a steel pressings place off Reginald Road, Penlake industrial estate, behind what used to be Reginalds, the big store in the late 80's, all that's gone now. I wonder if anyone has any photos of the old place, it would be nice to see it again and show my grandson.
  3. What's going on in society today, I feel as though I've been living on another planet lately, people keep using words and phrases that I don't understand, or have to look up, because they don't mean what they did. It's like the other day I was reading this article and they kept using this word that I hadn't a clue about, so I googled it, basically it meant, 'a person with no sexual preference to either male or females' Now, I thought that was a Bisexual, and indeed it is, but now we have some trendy new word for it too. Another one is this term 'snowflake' what's all that about? Time was when a snowflake was either a soft white thing that fell from the sky in winter, or a derogatory term for a white bloke, remember 'love they neighbour' the white bloke used to call his black neighbour 'sambo' and he'd respond by calling him either 'honky' or 'snowflake'. It's bad enough when I go somewhere and find that the 'somewhere' isn't where, or what it was last time I went, but to find the language is changing, well that's getting a bit much.
  4. What happened to Pete, are we talking about the guy off here who lived in Ashton?
  5. Second one there I believe, as someone said on the comments, 'it's one way to get around planning regs' , Funny how these old buildings have a habit of spontaneously combusting, even though they've been stood for years, still, think of how many nice expensive homes somebody can build on the land now.
  6. I think it's the usual one mate, they tell you what they think you want to hear, but do what is best for them. At this rate there's be nothing for future generations.
  7. I used to be frightened of nothing, I'd go where I wanted, when I wanted and not think twice, now I get worried about going to the cashpoint. Ok I can handle myself, but these days you've no chance, they'll stab you before you know what's happening, it's pathetic. Whatever happened to the good old fist fight, like when we were young, maybe we should start a campaign to bring them back at least they proved something, I beat you, so I'm harder than you, but he beat me, so he's harder than me, it established a sort of pecking order, but now with a knife, or increasingly a gun a tiny person can take out the biggest. They say they carry weapons to get respect, HA, they don't even know the meaning of the word, respect is something you earn, not something that you get because you carry a weapon.
  8. I remember in the mid 70's my uncle lived at Greenbank, before they messed about with the roads there used to be a subway nearby, opposite Windle Pilk school, and a pub on the other side, there was a roundabout iirc. Anyway one day a wagon loaded with boxes of glasses went over an lost it's load, I think it was from Ravenhead, by the time the authorities arrived to clean up the mess, the only thing left was a bit of broken glass and some cardboard, the locals had shifted the rest! You couldn't go anywhere in that part of St Helens for weeks after without being asked if you had/ wanted, any glasses. I even knew a few people who used the pint pots, the ones with handles, for drinking tea out of, "they're great" one old bloke told me, "I can actually have a decent drink out of one of these". I may have been mistaken over the park, maybe it was Taylor park, several of my relatives many many moons ago worked for the council, one was head gardener at Sherdley, and one worked at the 'crem', he lived in one of those little cottages on hard lane, at the entrance. I remember in the 80's working for the council on security for a short while, I was working nights on Victoria park, or 412 as it was known (radio call sign), we were based in the parks and gardens side and one night we heard a noise and there was a lad trying to break in. My mate ran after him and he headed for a high wall, I went around and grabbed him as he dropped down, I'll never forget it, he had this bloody great knife in his hand and went for me with it, luckily although it damaged my jacket I only ended up with a deep scratch across my stomach! We had the last laugh though, we caught him several weeks later when we were working at Sherdley Show, dragged him into the bushes and gave him a right kicking, lol.
  9. There's been talk about the Gamble being sold off to that firm who appear to be buying up loads of old buildings and turning them into executive apartment's. Now there are cleverer people than me on here and hopefully if push comes to shove someone may be able to make use of something I say. As far as I'm aware the 'Gamble' was gifted to the people of St Helens many years ago, and since it belongs to the people then the council cannot sell it, this may be of some importance in the future. Some years back, our glorious council leaders wanted to sell off Earlestown market square, they very nearly got away with it until one bloke objected, saying that it was not theirs to sell, in fact it actually belonged to him. They asked how he came to think he owned it and he pointed out that the land was left to the good folk of Earlestown many many years earlier, as he was one of the 'good folk', he argued that it belonged to him, and others, and he certainly was not in favour of selling it, and so they couldn't. We need to watch out that they don't try the same thing on with the 'Gamble', it's ours not theirs, the trouble is that as the older residents die off, the younger ones have no idea of who owns what, I believe that WE, also own Sherdley Park too, you can bet that will be on the for sale list, if the council get their way .
  10. They conveniently forget the most important tribute, somewhat more accurate in my opinion. He was a cowardly little bastard, who couldn't fight without a knife, and this waste of oxygen took the life of another human being.
  11. I went past Sherdley park this morning and there were a good few caravans parked in the middle of the park, I did notice that some of them had foreign number plates, so possibly they are the same ones from Victoria Park. Our police are pathetic, they'll only have a go when there are more of them than of the offender, I've seen 6 or 8 coppers turn up when a bloke is beating up his wife, but get a load of gyppo's causing grief and they are conspicuous by their absence. It makes me wonder though, if I was to visit the park, and rather than carry all my picnic stuff onto the grass, if I just drove on with my car, I wonder what would happen, I bet it wouldn't be long before I was moved on, but probably not before they'd given me a ticket for something.
  12. She lived in Bramwell st, up by St Peters church, hotpots, now that reminds me, Highcocks butchers sold delicious hotpots, they were on that parade of shops at Tickle Ave,
  13. My grandma was Sally Army, I've a photo of her and a load of other stern looking ladies in their hats, stood outside the building in Ramford street, I think they were going on an outing or something, she died when I was about 19, 30 odd years ago, I've still got her old Sally Army hymnbook in a cupboard.
  14. It's all about maximum earnings for minimum effort these days, my mate has a farm, his father worked on it as a lad, then years later when the old fella died, he bought it, the old guy is 86 now and still keeps his hand in, my mate has brought the farm on, invested in new equipment, and we built a large grain store, his two sons, early twenties, have no interest in it whatsoever, they've both applied to join the Royal Navy. Then again, when you have to get a big crop in and it's going to piss down in two days and ruin it, so you are working 24hrs to get it in, it's quite tough, I know, it's no joke being called out to a breakdown at midnight, when everyone else is just going to bed after a night at the pub, even worse when you finally get to bed at about 3 am, and have to be up again at 6! In one way or another, I've been around farms all my life, even working in other industries, you never escape your farming friends, they still ring up with problems, and I'll still go and help them. My mates' place is alongside the M62, near the dream, I sweated blood over building that place, we laid concrete, assembled buildings, I wired it all, installed all the camera's, and the control system. There were times I'd go in at 4 pm, and leave at 5 am, just so I could do stuff that I couldn't do in the daytime, it was bloody hard graft, but every time I drive past, I feel proud, because I played a major part in creating something that will be there long after I'm gone. Sadly the youth of today don't understand that.
  15. You probably won't see any work vehicles, they are on holiday! They usually spend a few weeks each summer going round working out the best places to rip off next, There's a large traveller camp in Blackpool, in winter it's full, in summer it's almost deserted. Incidentally has anyone heard all the BS about the arrests made over that brewery that got trashed? Apparently the police have arrested, 3 men and a 16 year old boy, wow that's a huge number of arrests, considering there was about a hundred of the thieving swines at the brewery, what's the betting they get off with it, I bet we don't hear of any more getting dragged in. It seems they are some kind of protected species, they can go around doing whatever they want, and get away with it, look at thatincident when that old bloke killed one, there was bugger all done about them making threats, or leaving piles of flowers outside the old guy's house, but when the locals threatened to turn nasty the police threatened to lock them up. Sorry for the rant, it's just these scumbags want eradicating, If I had my way I'd be building a bloody big gas chamber.
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