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  1. Thanks Mark I dont have much info on my Hazeldne family but here is what I have Ann Hazeldine c.1818 3rd GG Mother Richard Hazeldine c.1790 Liverpool 4th GG Father Samuel Hazeldine c.1816 Basford Nottingham 3rd GG Uncle I have also had my DNA done and link to a lot more family using this If you ever link to any of these people in the future It would be great to hear from you. Best Regards, Tom
  2. Thanks Mark for all your help regarding Parr Mill and its location. Also I just have to mention your surname I have family members in my tree with the Surname Hazeldine I know researching this surname that it has changed many times over the years. my 4th GG father Richard Hazeldine c.1790 Liverpool.
  3. Do you have a link for this please Morgan?
  4. Thanks Deansterdean for all the info Thanks Hort Best Regards, Tom
  5. Thanks Ste for all your help Thanks Dave Kind Regards, Tom
  6. Hi I have a Catherine Hewitt who married a Martin Gorman and was just wondering are any of these are linked to you? Best Regards, Tom
  7. Hi, I have been tracing my family tree for a number of years, a few weeks ago I found out information regarding my 3rd Great grand parents Martin Gorman & Catherine Hewitt, They got married in 1850 Prescot and where living in prescot. They had 4 children I know of Catherine - John - Richard & Ann. I sent of for 3 of the children's birth certificates Catherine was born in Prescot and after this the family moved to Parr the other 2 John & Richard it says they where born in Parr near Parr Mill St Helen's would any of you know where this was. Here is a Blog I created about this family maybe it will help? http://pottertea.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/the-link-for-catherine-gorman-hughes.html Any help would be of great use. Kind Regards, Tom.
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