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  1. Thanks Ratty this great. My mum & Dad lived at 65 Upland Rd until I was born in 1956 we then move over the road to number 56 & my grandma move to 100 Upland Road. The story I have about my Irish heritage is that the Holmes family came from Johnstown in Kilkenny. Elizabeth Ann Holmes brother Edward was killed in ww1 he is on the war memorial in town centre .
  2. Hi I'm trying to find the connection between my family and the Cosgrove family. My grandmother Elizabeth Ann Holmes nee Caffrey had two children, Nicolas & Winifred, who died at less than 1 month old, in 1919 & 1921. The grave records show that the first burials where both John Cosgrove. Also the funeral notice for my grandmother in 1962 has Miss M Cosgrove as a mourner. And mass cards from Kitty & Jim Cosgrove. added 12 minutes later Just found the marriage record for James Cosgrove who Married Catherine Agnes Cassidy in 1935.
  3. Hi Edward Caffrey was my great uncle, my grandmother was his sister Elizabeth Ann who's married name was Holmes. We still carry the name of Edward on. My dads brother was Edward I have it as a middle name and my 7 year old grandson also has it as his middle name. Colin
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