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  1. Hi could you check if a rebecca brooks.her maidenname devenport is buried at stpeters pauls please .i. doing ancestrry and was told of my relative she is buried there 

    1. RATTY


      Michelle these are all the Brooks buried at St Peter's according to the gravestone transcriptions.

      Albert Edward,HildaJames Henry, William Henry
       F F A, J H
       Jane,  Beatrice, Lillian Mary Thomas,William (2) Frederick  and  Mary 

      No Rebecca, she may still be there but have no memorial stone. Just ask if you need anything else.

    2. Dave


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  2. Almas cafe fingerpost 1950s.does any one remember it.my mum used to live with the as a young girl.
  3. Hi my mum margret or marie brooks went to st vincent.as a child .did you have to go the one on boardmans lane at a later.age my mum was born in 41.and lived in mendip grove had 3 brothers
  4. Matty garner was my great uncle.anyone any info on him & piccys of farm please
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