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    Does anyone remember edmund campion

    Eddy Camp! Where to start. Remember my first games with Middlehurst (Miggie) Where do you think you’re going ****** as I walked onto the football area “play football Sir” No you’re going on the rugby pitch! End of football career and start of rugby. Also ended my new West Bromwich Albion top (Mum thought it was some other top team) lol Wagged it once in all the time I was there with two older lads, cost me a trip to France and Spain as the “magic draw” for the lucky kids who went camping was as bent as they come! i.e no bad lad ever made the trip. Ended up coming first in class that year and was promised I’d be on next year’s trip. (And I was) That trip to France, Switzerland and Italy cost £20 for 21 days camping plus £20 spend brilliant! Remember Joe Hannon who could eat for England having any food that folk didn’t want including dessert on the same plate as main course! (Believe he died not long after leaving school) Big friend of Joe Foy as he loved the pigeons. Still can’t believe we had a pigeon loft on top of the gym roof. (Health and safety take note) nobody died in the making of carrying out this hobby. Kieran (Fred) Flynn great lad with his affro hair also died from a brain tumour within a couple or so years after leaving. If I had to pick a favourite teacher it would have to be Middlehurst, hard but fair, Norris was history teacher at the time but could easily be fed a red herring and get him talking about his passion for fishing. Pat Booth was maths and headmaster and kept a small monkey in the classroom? (not the kids) Billy Fylde’s class was a riot of fun as he was very laid back. Second year English and Form teacher was Mike Glover who played for Lancashire Rugby Union and we never knew what was going to be broken on Monday morning often limped in on crutches. Mike Foster for science was “interesting” and I’ll never forget him asking the class was there anything we’d like him to go over at the end of a class – Geoff Parr replied “a cliff” Cane time!lol Mercer or Piggie was woodwork and he’d take over the bat for the full dinnertime when we played cricket. Even when out he’d continue. Never liked him. Metal work teacher Hetherington ruined our summer holidays one year with a homework duty of coming back with no less than 4000 words on the history of iron! Wow that was fun, especially as it had to be handwritten. No computers then. Campsey or diddy as he was nicknamed tried his hardest with us for maths and to be fair it worked. God only knows why I was picked for the choir to sing at the philharmonic, the opening of the catholic cathedral and yearly at St. Helens town hall for Christmas. Tone deaf as far I’m told, and I don’t think they’re lying. Remember the year old above us robbing my toast regular until Dave Critchley suggested that a few of us spit on it and let them steal it before putting the word around as to what they had eaten! Never lost anymore toast. Anyways that’s enough for now of my memories. Still loved that school gate at 4pm. Unless it was rugby training.

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