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  1. i dropped a friend off today at Thatto Heath Crusaders, i must say i am impressed with the development and the surrounds. after walking about i noticed 'the clegg' why wasnt this filled at the time of building the new estate? it is an eyesore to say the least... am i right in thinking a young lad lost his life here a few years back 🤔
  2. I once heard they went to the town hall and ran all through billinge underneath several pubs on Main Street, including the George & dragon.. is this true? I know the stork has interesting things below it. We know the George & dragons history... “(
  3. The answers are there, believe me... were just not allowed to read them. helens clothes did NOT contain any blood, not a single spec but yet it was 'all over the walls and floor' in the pub? the earring apparently found in his boot did NOT match the back which was found in the pub, this was inadmissible in court. the noose-shaped flex and metal spade was also inadmissible too. the 'sample' taken from the pub was tested 3 times and each returned the same result: = 'to degraded to test' DNA fingerprinting was in its early stages and this method produced the ODDS of it being her. Not a result or match, but the ODDS. simms defence team could not defend this court as they were REFUSED the sample..
  4. I have no connections to this case at all. I was 12 years old at the time she disappeared.. it never made sense then and it's just something I can't shake off.. interesting to hear your views on this? added 16 minutes later Some serious flaws and 'fabrications' in this case.. When a prisoner rules himself out of parole as he persists his innocence and serves 16 years OVER his tariff, at what point do we start to ask the question, well why?
  5. Clocker baz.. you are right not to trust the police period. There were a few coppers who got a well paid promotion for banging Simms up.. the CPS threw the case out 3 times before they were eventually persuaded to take it to trial.. simms was questioned, arrested and charged within 48 hours of her disappearance WITHOUT a shred of evidence.. NOTHING. the 'missing for 24 hours' rule mustn't have applied in this case.. HORT yes I was told something similar, by different sources too.. But i personally believe it was a female..
  6. Yes he tried, but he was refused leave to appeal by a lone judge. Bob woffinden, a respected journalist who specialises in miscarriages of justice, took on Ian simms' case. He too thought Simms was innocent and wrote an article published in the independent newspaper stating why he thought this. Interesting read but it's took offline now and banned. (I have a copy) However, this ruffled a few feathers and a judge passed a ban in which journalist were NOT allowed to speak to prisoners. Nowhere to go... added 17 minutes later This case was just before P.A.C.E was introduced into the police force.. I'm not insinuating that the police were dishonest before this system was in place, but in 1988 some coppers sang from a different hymn sheet.. hillsborough, Stefan Kiszko, Eddie gilfoyle, the Guildford four, the Birmingham six and.. (sigh).. Stephen downing.
  7. i am concerned after learning nearly ALL primary schools within the St Helens area contain Asbestos. I am fully aware of the dangers surrounding this material and I was alarmed that the council hasn't removed this for protection and safety against the kiddies. i managed to obtain an official list of schools which contain Asbestos along with the details of type, the current state and inspection dates. a number of these schools who also had a nursery unit attached, hadn't had an inspection for over 3 years!!! i am awaiting a list from the NHS detailing children under 10 who have been admitted or treated with breathing difficulties, and more importantly the school they attend. am I over-reacting or is this gravely concerning?
  8. I'll cut to the chase.. i believe Ian Simms is innocent. i believe this to be a miscarriage of justice. i have spent ten years researching this case. Explored every possible scenario, lost family and friends and got myself into trouble with the law. the case is flawed, corrupt and fabricated. He didn't get a fair trial and the 'burden of proof' wasn't satisfied. until the thought of his innocence is entertained, only then they may have a chance of located her added 2 minutes later And there is this... https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld199899/ldjudgmt/jd990708/obrien01.htm
  9. this may be of use to you http://www.crankcaverns.btck.co.uk/
  10. The press have completely mislead public opinion with their disinformation articles. there was NO blood found on helens clothes, not a spec. Was she naked when killed? the supposed 'noose' was inadmissible in court the earring found in his car boot did NOT match the back of it found in his flat his supposed clothes were never identified by him. His 'mistress' identified them from a photograph? i could go but it would make no difference.. peoples minds were made up 30 years ago
  11. Facing the caves it's to the left. About 20 yards to the left there is a steep slope, the ground is brown gravel at the bottom is the mousehole is visible. The kings cave entrance is half way up/down the slope. It's covered and not visible. The clue is the 'lack' of trees and shrubs growing on top of it as it's only a slim covering, couple of inches depth. You would have to dig and know where to dig for that matter :0) added 4 minutes later looking from the sky. An aerial shot of the woods and the attached house. The slope is exactly opposite to the house right at the edge of the trees on the other side ;@)
  12. James i think crank caverns is wonderful place and growing up with all the tales of the white rabbit and the hooded monk who guards the caves is magical. I was just saying what I believed whilst being a nipper. I am now 40 years old and i must admit I am telling the same tales to my children when we visit there. I DO know that these arnt true and of course the caves are NOT magical and they are just the remnants of an old mine. As I child I couldn't get enough of these fabled stories.. what I DO agree with you is that the place really is special and should be more respected. the kings cave and the mousehole are completely hidden last time I went. But I do know where they are if anyone's interested
  13. i have been going to crank caverns since I was a baby with my grandad. He is a 'proper billinger' we would go the caverns and then mooch over to the 'promised land' for a picnic. There are five entrances to the caves and they lead into a sort of communal area where you can walk straight though. However from this communal area, they start to branch off into separate ways, I think there are 3 separate tunnels, not sure. My grandad always took me to the 'secret' entrances as he called them. One was nicknamed the mousehole and the other was called 'kings cave'. These two entrances were situated well away from the 'communal ones' and they were very well hidden, especially kings cave. I believe these caves were connected to the others but the led all the way to st Aidan's church, the famous snake symbol tomb being the exit point! This ran under the stork pub, George &a dragon pub and also St Mary's church. Access point at st Mary's is around the white statue at the back of the church. Back at the caverns, the kings cave also led the opposite direction to the St. Helens town hall and finished at the Masonic hall. Exit point again being snake related. A huge wooden snake called K.E.S in which children could crawl through its mouth and slide down its tail.. a picture of kes
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