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  1. Dear Ratty , Thanks for this !! your John Stockley born 1796 was my great great grandfather !Please see my other posts on the stockley subject. I now have my great great great grandfather/mother !!! Thomas Stockley B Married Mary Fillingham 12 July 1784 Prescot St Mary, witnesses Thomas Johnson, Samuel Southern!!!!!! Report post Posted December 2, 2009 (edited)
  2. Hi Anjela, I am a direct descendant of John and Sandyland Stockley, who was my Great-grandfather. John Stockley (1796-1870) married Jane Mercer (1786-1854) in 1819. They had : (Mary (1923- , Ann(1828- , Elizabeth (1830- , Ralph (1837- , Pheobe ( 1836-1915), and Sandiland ( 1837-1920) and Thomas (1843- . Sandiland married twice : 1. to Alice Hankey (1837- 1873) in 1858 They had : Jane (1860- , John (1864- , Zaccheus ( 1885- , Sandiland ( 1868 - . 2 . to Esther Miller (1846- 1919) in 1874. Her parents were James Lyon (1846-1919) and Jane Heyes. They had : Edward (1874- , Susannah (1878- , Thomas ( 1880- , and Alice (my granny) (1881-1960). My Granny (Alice) had seven children with Harry Moores: Esther, Harry (my Dad) , Sandiland !!, Alice, Minnie, James and Anne. If you let me have an e-mail address I can send you a lot more data if you need it, including birth, marriage and death certificates ! You interest in The Stockley's is ? Cheers, Kindest Regards, Harry Moore ( 1939- ?? ) ( ex of 33, West View, Huyton Quarry, now of Oakley Bedfordshire)
  3. Hi all, my Grandmother , Alice Stockley, is the daughter of a Sandiland Stockley, who died in 1920 and whose father was also called Sandiland Stockley. ! added 9 minutes later sorry , my grandmother ,Alice, was the sister of the second Sandyland Stockley, The first (who died in 1820) was her father ! He was the son of John Stockley and Jane (Mercer ?).
  4. and my Aunt ( Alice Bristow), and her husband , lived in Greenes Road , Whiston, near the railway line.
  5. Hi Kizzy, The chicken farm was on the road going up towards Rainhill!! added 5 minutes later Lickers Lane, I think!! added 7 minutes later he also bred budgerigars , and I had a few from him! I also bought chopped straw from him, and used it to grow mushrooms , sold to the greengrocer in Huyton Quarry! Cheers, Harry added 14 minutes later and my Aunt ( Anne Bristow), and her husband , lived in Greenes Lane , Whiston, near the railway line. added 16 minutes later and my Aunt ( Anne Bristow), and her husband , lived in Greenes Road , Whiston, near the railway line.
  6. My grandmother was a "Stockley" She was married to a Harry Moores. My dad was her first son,, and her second son was called SANDILAND! (or maybe "Sandyland".) She had seven offspring, 4 girls ,3 boys. She lived 9 Station Road , prescot. Cheers, Harry Moore (Somewhere or other my dad lost the s off Moores !
  7. Hi Phil,! added 15 minutes later Sorry, Hi Phyl,! added 46 minutes later Sorry, Hi Phyl,! How do I see replies or reactions to my posts on this blog?. I have posted stuff twice and had some reactions but I can't find a way to see them! Cheers, Harry
  8. My brother-in-law was shift manager at the B.C.R. ! Has was Leonard George Uttley. I don't suppose anybody would remember him ? He lives in Ruthin now.
  9. Hi All, I am new to this "blog?", but have connections with Prescot ( I went to the Grammar school between 1951 and 1958. I lived in Huyton Quarry , near the Enamelling Plant owned by BICC. In particular , my Dad and his brother both worked there. My dad had an interesting job. He did odd jobs in the morning. In the afternoons he painted murals in the offices of the management team!! Earlier he had a business buying the damaged drum sides from the BI, and we would split them apart and convert them into planks and spars of timber for sale. Some wood went into making crates for transporting chickens from a chicken farm on or near Windy Arbor Road,Whiston. Some went into seed trays for local garden nurseries, and the rest became kindling sold through greengrocers shops and hardware stores in the area. Even the sawdust was mixed with naphalene, and became firelighters!
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