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  1. Where was the Gingham diner? I think it might have been at Haydock Island.
  2. It was Fosters wholesale fruiterers. They had Lords Fold Nuerseries, at Rainford I believe. At one time it was Feeneys.
  3. How were the two players that had to be carried off near the end, looked serious?
  4. Dion

    Wigan Warriors

    The points are suspended for when they do it again. Sorry if they do it again.
  5. Dion

    Wigan Warriors

    Should have been 6 😇
  6. He disagrees with every decision that goes Saints way and sees a lot of things against Saints that nobody else does. It's been mentioned elsewhere that he might have health problems, so I would wish him all the best with that.
  7. That decision was obviously wrong, but so was an earlier ball strip against Saints that Leeds scored from.
  8. Hello Phoebe, welcome to the site. It's thought Margaret's family were from County Mayo.
  9. I would be interested too, if they're still available.
  10. You forgot about O'loughlin kneeing Ryan Morgan he also went off.
  11. Dion

    Ben Barba

    I would have thought that, but the game has changed. The Aussie teams like the full back to link up, maybe he wouldn't have the same room at stand off.
  12. It used to be Forster's club then Rockware club/pub with Shaw street social somewhere in between.
  13. I've been told its just a change of manager, I hope so anyway.
  14. That looks like a girder not a piece of track. As far as I can remember the track went down the side of the dam,not round the corner.
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