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  1. Dion

    Tony Sweeney's Books

    I would be interested too, if they're still available.
  2. Dion

    Grand final

    You forgot about O'loughlin kneeing Ryan Morgan he also went off.
  3. Dion

    Ben Barba

    I would have thought that, but the game has changed. The Aussie teams like the full back to link up, maybe he wouldn't have the same room at stand off.
  4. Dion

    Rockware Finished

    It used to be Forster's club then Rockware club/pub with Shaw street social somewhere in between.
  5. Dion

    Rockware Finished

    I've been told its just a change of manager, I hope so anyway.
  6. Dion

    At Carr Mill Dam

    That looks like a girder not a piece of track. As far as I can remember the track went down the side of the dam,not round the corner.
  7. Dion


    Considering the success Leeds have had under him their win ratio and league positions are not as good as you might think.
  8. Dion

    Money for nothing....

    As far as I know it was. added 15 minutes later How interesting. I've just realised who the chap playing is. His name is Adrian Rose who is a fantastic organist who has videos on YouTube. I've bought gear from him in the past, and he's mad about organs.
  9. Dion

    Money for nothing....

    The Magpies nest and North Road Mart were too seperate shops. North road Mart was for sale for years, I think it still is.
  10. Dion

    Rugby League Collectors Fayre - Langree Park

    The other week I was given some programmes that belonged to a former Saints player. One was the 1961 Challenge cup final. I was made up when I opened it as it was signed by all the Saints players.
  11. Dion

    Flying Scotsman

    The Loco, the Scotsman is behind the black five.
  12. Dion

    Saints Old Halfbacks

    Stand Off
  13. Dion

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    Trouble in the camp?
  14. Dion

    Looking UP on Merton Bank Road

    I remember them on Rainford road, not sure about Merton Bank.
  15. Dion

    Sutton Library

    The library must have been demolished about 1998. That's when we had a new bay built on our front window. I was looking for red stock bricks to match the wall and got them from a bloke on the site.

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