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  1. Dion

    Sutton Library

    The library must have been demolished about 1998. That's when we had a new bay built on our front window. I was looking for red stock bricks to match the wall and got them from a bloke on the site.
  2. Dion

    Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    There was a garage at the top of King street that just did repairs. I asked about a job there and the owner asked if I could take an engine out of a car and put it back in in the same day- I was 16 and thought it was a bit much! I think it was called Fishwicks and his lad was at tech with us.
  3. Dion

    Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    Thanks for the picture Phyll. That's the garage in the foreground.
  4. Dion

    Geff Pimblett died aged 73

    A great player and teacher and a true gentleman. RIP Geoff.
  5. Dion

    Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    The garage in King street was Hankinson's old place. It had a petrol pump at the front in King street and the garage was at the rear through the back entry. I worked there as Alan Hankinson closed it and then went to Broughtons. Are there any pictures on the site?
  6. Dion

    Old cobblers

  7. This post really surprises me, when I was there he was nothing but a gentleman.
  8. Dion

    australia 6 England 0

    Hodgson, seriously?
  9. Dion

    Chinese restaurant

    It might have taken 13 years but I'm glad that one can be crossed off the list of things I really needed to know. If only I could find out what type of jukebox was in the El Toreador café I might be able to sleep at nights. The one I seem to have in my head was a blue one.
  10. Dion

    House in Havannah Lane

    You're right, or that's how I remember it. It was two black cottages, the landlord live in one of them.
  11. In the late 50's or early 60's a relative was lodging at an old black house at the bottom of Havannah Lane near the Flash. There was an argument with the Landlord that ended up in the papers. I've looked on maps but can't find the house, which must have been near the colliery. Has anyone got a picture anywhere? I was going to look the story up at the Library archives but does anyone know when it might open again? Thanks,
  12. Dion

    Chinese restaurant

    After all these years I have found a picture of the Chinese restaurant opposite the Theatre Royal. I wasn't sure if this was where the man was killed, but this was the one I was interested in. The sign neon sign says 'Sun Wah' on the front, but another old sign has 'Yung Kong' as far as I can make out. If I knew how to post the picture I would.
  13. Dion

    Our friend Le200 has died

    Sorry to hear about this. RIP.
  14. Dion

    st helens steam engine shed

    Does anyone have any photos of the shunters at Hall street? The ones I remember were 47452, 47453 and 47298. I used to get sick of seeing 76076 and 76077. I've got one photo but keep looking on Ebay for more.

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