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  1. Thanks Phyll for the link.. it's good to see Harry remembered in so many places. I've visited and seen the memorials in Rainhill and next week will be visiting Harry's grave in Belgium. Regards David
  2. Hi Stephen.. I've got your email thanks (from previous times you've kindly helped me!) and have tagged a quick email to you on the back of an older one! Thanks again David
  3. Thanks Stephen.. I'll try and get hold of a copy of the Echo and have a look. Would you know if the Prescot Reporter would routinely report on the deaths of local lads as well? Cheers David
  4. Thanks jvy20 and hiss.. yes, I've seen these entries and collected quite a lot of info on Harry (and his Travers relatives) but as yet, I haven't been able to find a photo of him, hence my interest in any possible newspaper article that may exist. It's great that the websites like the ones you refer to have done such a good job in remembering our fallen. Regards David
  5. Good Morning I'm researching my wife's 2 x Gt Uncle who was killed during WW1. His name was Henry (Harry) Travers b.20/03/1875 at Rainhill. He joined the 2/10th Kings Liverpool Regiment (Pte 357722) and was killed in action on 28th April 1917. I know it was quite commonplace for there to be a short entry in the local newspaper to report the death of those killed and I've had quite a lot of success in finding photos / additional info regarding other relatives who were killed in action by tracing the newspapers in which it was reported. I was wondering if the death of a Rainhill lad would have been reported in the 'Prescot Reporter' or was there another local newspaper that may have carried the news? Where can the archives for the Prescot Reporter be accessed? Will it be St Helens Library? Does anyone know if the newspaper archives (particularly the WW1 related entries) have been indexed making searches that much easier? I'm obviously keen to find out as much as I can about Harry and ideally get a photo if possible. Many thanks in anticipation and kind regards David
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