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  1. It would wonderful to see what you can find out about Kirkdale. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you so much for the links Ratty. I may have a chance to visit Liverpool this year. Teresa actually died in the workhouse in 1906. I havent been able to locate any documentation of divorce between Teresa and William. It really is a puzzle. It would be helpful to find out how Mary was discharged from the workhouse. I will certainly follow the leads you have put forth. Thank you again
  3. The information for the Kirkdale workhouse is so helpful. Thank you! wow I cannot ever imagine a life like they must have endured. So if Teresa is in the workhouse as a pauper, Mary sent to Kirkdale and no William to be found in Whiston workhouse with Teresa then maybe they were separated? being Catholic I supposed divorce was out of the question. It would answer alot of questions though. Mary may not have had any sibilings. The family is not listed on any census records together. So if I fill in a few blanks then maybe Mary was able to get work when she left Kirkdale as a domestic and met Joseph O'Neill. Will have to see if I can find them living near each other around 1898 when they got married. Just checked back in my records. I knew I had heard of Tontine St! William was a boarder at 17 & 19 Tontine st in 1881. In 1891 Joseph O'Neill (with his family Martin , Mary , and siblings under the name Neal) was living at 48 Tontine st. Maybe thats where Mary and Joseph met? if Mary came back to see her Dad when she was older? plays out like a movie!! Any thoughts? or am I trying to hard? any way I could search to confirm this?
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. Yes I do believe that is the listing for William Rice 1881 on Tontine st. I had been searching for the family as a unit (all under the same address) In 1881 William Rice was married to Teresa Baker. They had 1 daughter Mary Rice. So if William lived in Tontine st. and I have Teresa Rice in the Whiston workhouse as a Pauper inmate, occupation is cook, Is is possible she was the cook for the workhouse? OR is possible she lived at the workhouse while William looked for work? which would mean Mary (born 1876 in St. Helens on Liverpool street) was only 4 or 5. I will have to search her out separately. thank you for the help and tips! Yes Mary and Joseph were married at Sacred Heart church 1898. added 29 minutes later I found a Mary Rice at another workhouse in Kirkdale Liverpool. Age is right born in Prescot. I wonder if it's possible kids were sent to other workhouses? Hard to imagine.
  5. I am researching my 2X great grand father William Rice. He was born in Ireland and married Teresa Baker in 1874 Eglish, Offaly. They arrived sometime in St Helens an had a daughter Mary in 1876. I cannot find them on any Census records for 1881, 1891 and then I found Mary in 1901 married to Joseph O'Neill. Teresa Baker died in 1908 at the Whiston Workhouse. Listed on the census 1881 as a cook. I don't know if she was living or working in the workhouse? she is listed as a pauper inmate. Then I found her in 1908 death certificate as a wife of William Rice living at 30 Sandon st. This was great grandmothers address so I can confirm it is the right certificate. On Mary Rice marriage cert William is listed as father and living in Feb 1898. On the death certificate William is listed as an iron worker. I did find a death cert for William but I cannot confirm it was him. Death occurred in workhouse infirmary. Occupation is 'scavenger of 24 Market street' Any help in locating this family on the census records, church records? I do have the whiston workhouse CD that Pauline sent to me but didn't find anything for William. Any thoughts or ideas to help make sense of this puzzel?
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