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  1. Milk shakes and sweets Phyll, bit of an odd mixture.
  2. I have to agree with all the above, fantastic photographs keep them coming
  3. Hi Korky I am so pleased to hear your news,I hope that all goes well with you and your new family and you enjoy getting to know each other, warmest wishes to you all.
  4. HI korky1967 did you have any luck finding your sister, just reading through this thread and realised that I never said how your mum would have been treated at Cowley Hill Hospital, it was a small hospital and she would have been treated very well and given the best of care as most connecters would agree as they were born there and had their own children there as I myself did, hope you had luck with your search.
  5. Don't forget your spray paint seems to be the in thing, who in their right mind would take paint on a walk. Hope you continue having nice walks with your family Ollie
  6. And all thats left is a brick wall.
  7. Wasthere not a boxer by the name of Ray Shields
  8. I hated them the rain always ran down the ties making your neck and collar wet
  9. Hi Ron as I said in my email to you I am the daughter of Ralph born 1909.son of Ralph and Lucy I have their marriage cert and it states that Lucy's father is James not John again Ron thanks for all your help regards Pam
  10. Thanks for that wrb the funeral of Ralph Fairclough was my Grandfather. A few of the names I knew a couple a mystery more investigation I think!
  11. Hi Tessmop yes I do remember bacon and toast it was all I ate there till visiting time when I was brought a few titbits from home including strawberries and cream that were put in the kitchen I never saw them again.
  12. I had a daughter in 69 and son in 72. Husbands weren,t allowed to stay and only allowed visiting on a night at 7 o,clock. First visit eager to show baby of hubby was late he,d only turned up at the vets with with flowers and asked for me, thankfully they pointed him in the right direction
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