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  1. Does anyone know the origin of the name "Nutgrove" as in Nutgrove road? I know that Jonas Nuttall built a house - Nutgrove Hall - in the area in 1810. Is it just a coincidence that his name is similar or, perhaps, is the name Nutgrove attributable to him.
  2. I believe the name "Brown Edge" takes its name from the local geography. The area once consisted of many rocky outcrops of brown sandstone. I myself can give some credence to this idea. My family had a house near the York Pub on Nutgrove road. I remember my dad sunk shallow foundations for a front porch and had to hack into a layer of (brown) sandstone only about 10 inches below the surface soil. It would seem that this whole region rests on a bed of solid sandstone. As an aside the Brown Edge Pub along Nutgrove road once had a front garden "fence" made of solid sandstone flags. These were stone slabs of about waist height, 2 feet in width and 3 inch in thickness. They are no longer there - needless to say!
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