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  1. Thanks for that , I have been given an old ledger, Employee histories, St.Helens B.R.S. about 1952, I am at present trying to put it onto a memory stick for Record in the future, Regards Tom I have seen Marshalls in the former employers section, T
  2. Hi, Heard it before, as referred to something being (not Good) i.e. It's Bobbins, No idea where it comes from. A mate of mine used it he was from around Salford way. Regards Tom
  3. Hi. Does Anyone remember where was St.Helens B.R.S. Abbey Road. I know Sherdley road is where Suttons Is Today, was Abbey road , Offices? Regards Tom
  4. Sorry, It was 42 not 44 Moss bank Road , There was an old Stone dug up at the back it was about 6 foot by 5 foot with a shape like a toilet in the middle and in the hole underneath, where old bottles and glass, I was told by an old lady that it wasn't a toilet, but a large dustbin, people would put things in the hole that wouldn't burn, and every few months 2 men would come with horse and cart, move the stone and empty the hole with shovels, Before Dustbins. How times change, Regards Tom
  5. Hi I did a bit of research on a photo in the library, it shows an old lady outside the Nailmakers Arms , she was the Landlady her name was Mary Rigby and it was between 1851 and 1861, The pub was 44 moss bank Road , Demolished in the early 1950's, and the road before that was called Pikes Brow. Regards Tom
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