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  1. wasn't Benny Brookes actually Ben E. Brookes? on Duke Street. I still have one of his cricket bats in the loft. also, it was a terrific place for fireworks..as was Booth's (I think), on Hardshaw Street (I think)..near Wood & Westworth book shop (I think).
  2. definitely, I remember the dire warnings when the other gender were due to arrive, must have been to use the playing fields or the gym, you don't forget the first stirrings of lust. Never mind Ollie, you were probably a slip of a thing, perhaps it was the girls rugby team they used to send over.
  3. Li'l Eb was Eb Frodsham..physics master supreme. He was small and wizened, but I don't think he was that old. actually, probably as old as I am now! I remember his sighs of exasperation, because no matter how he tried he could never drum Faraday's Law into me. Remember that physics room, with the high-rise rows of benches. we used to have record sessions in there at lunchtimes, entrance fees to charity - I think that was probabl where I first heard The Beatles - Please Please Me - played on a Dansette. Right. Hands up anyone who remembers Effort Letters. If you got an E (for excellent, strangely enough) you got named in Assembly. Then came G, M, S and P, not worth a mention. And at the bottom of the heap, named and shamed, came those with a U. For Unsatisfactory (no, looking back, life wasn't that complicated after all). Once awarded a U, then U were put on report, which meant you carried around a card for the next month, which was marked with effort letters after every lesson. If you got a P on report, then woe betide you. And those who got a U on their card..well, especially if they came from Parr, they were never heard of again. I think it was Walter 'Fred' Wright's method of ethnic cleansing. Ollie, nice to hear from someone in bottle green knickers from the other side of The Hill. You must appreciate, you were alien creatures to us. I think I've mentioned before, when Cowley Girls came to do games at Cowley Boys, we were warned that anyone trying to peek through the showers windows would have their knackers clamped in a woodwork vice. Let's have more of these memories. Anyone here remember Taffy Williams of chemistry, Don Lang of English, Dan Roddan of English Lit, and the fearsome Kong of French? And who did detention?
  4. who remembers Tony Sampson's, outfiters to the gentleman Mod (I'm still wearing the jackets). and his poor relation, Jack Barnes. when you grew out of flares, you moved on to Courtmans.
  5. Yes indeed Ollie, I knew them all. wonder where they are these days?
  6. Hello Ollie..you know how to flatter. I left in summer '67 too, after a dismal O-level showing and a huge row with the headmaster, then I went on to the Tech to do A-levels. We occasionally used to walk over to the girls school at lunchtimes - across some tennis courts, or playing fields wast it? - to look throuigh the railings for any flash of thigh. Sometimes the girls used to come over to ours to use the sports fields. On these occasions there was an all-school warning: any lad found trying to peek through the shower room windows would have his knackers nailed to the school gatepost as a wanring to others. A|h yes, charatcer-building stuff. I've been trying to remember some of the Cowley girls I knew..Carol Hughes, Jean Power, Maggie Slocombe, Jeanette Camm..the rest are lost in the mists of years, I'm afraid. Didn't go in the Gerrard much, I'm afraid. But I remember the bowling green at the back - and there used to be a splendid regular at the bar most days, who was the financial controller, or something like that, for Lennons.
  7. scarey indeed..couldn't believe it either when I heard..30 years ago he was certainly a character..didn't he used to sashay between Dentons Green and Francoise (or was it Park Lane) in some American-style limo. By the way, Ollie, I see you're a Cowley girl. thought so. it takes a Cowley boy to know one. you didn't used to go in the Abbey by any chance?
  8. This is a terrible thing to have to ask..but is it true that Barney has gone to that big salon in the sky? Barney, if you haven't - sorry, mate. If you have - I'm even sorrier.
  9. was it the 16 or the 15 which went that way from Parr? One went through, the other you had to change in town and get the number 6. Whichever, never did see an y nurses going that way.
  10. A NURSING home? I always thought it was a NURSES' home. No wonder I seemed to be wasting my time loitering around there.. Is Bernard Taylor's barbers/hairdressers still across the road? Barney was always a bit of a lad..the Peter Stringfellow of St Helens, in the days of Francoise (is that right?) nightclub.
  11. Only joking about Johnny V..well, only half-joking. I do think he's funny, and I admire how he's stayed true to his roots. I know he has the big house now, but at least it's almost in Thatto Heath still. I don't think he's insulting my hometown - I think he's sympathetic to the way it is now, thanks to the things that have been done to the place. He's a true post-Thatcherite comic! Ray French - a great Tellinser. He taught me for a while, but it didn't do him any harm. Colin Welland? I think he might have been from Newton-le-Willows, like that other showbiz giant, Rick Astley. Here's another one - Pete Postlethwaite (huge cinema & TV star) is an ex-pupil of West Park. And of course, Keith Chegwin and his sister, Janice Wotsername, came from Rainford.
  12. I'm St Helens born, bred and proud of it, and even though I'm in exile I still keep in touch, so tell me this - why does no-one ever mention Johnny Vegas? Is there a greater living Tellinser?
  13. Booths! That's right..it was a magical-looking window at Christmas time. The other sports shop in town was Ben Brooks (I think) on Duke Street
  14. Ha! Just remembered the name of the bookshop near Oxleys.. Wood & Westworth.. Briliant! This is great therapy for early senility!
  15. Hiya Ollie..well I'm a long way from Derby Hill these days (but my heart's still there!). We used to live opposite the youth club. In my childhood days, though, it was all open fields, the "stuff rooks" and an old pit flood that was a lake with swans on..hence Swan Avenue, these days! A real adventure playground for us kids. It's fantastic to find others who share these memories, of places long gone. The last time I was in Rothery's, I think, was very early January 1968, when I came out clutching the new Bob Dylan album, John Wesley Harding. Happy days..I certainly recall the old Boots store, with the creaking wooden stairs. I'd forgtten they sold records though. Here's a tough one..anybody at the Tech in the mid-sixties remember the greasy-spoon cafe opposite Beechams where we all used to go. Think it was called Sookie's, or something similar (though no idea why).
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