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  1. Victory01

    Non-Conformist Baptism Information

    Thank you for your help. At least I now have a bit more information about the Methodist churches that were around then. Many thanks.
  2. Hi Trying to tie up some gaps on family tree. My relatives and I are on Ancestry and we have done a lot of work (back to the 1600'S) but we still have one or two things we would like to tie off. My g.g. grandmother was MARY ANN HANCOCK born 12 December 1872, Parr, St Helens. Her parents were ABEL HANCOCK (originally from Wales) and ISABELLA HILL (St Helens). MARY ANN was born in Parr and the family lived in Parr all their lives (ISABELLA DIED 1886). I was interested in trying to locate a baptism record for MARY ANN HANCOCK, however, they were non-conformists. I wondered if anyone would know of any chapels they may have attended where she might have been baptized. They lived on Chancery Lane and Parr Stocks Road on and off many years. Would any baptism records exist for non-conformists? I was wondering about the Welsh Chapel. Also MARY ANN HANCOCK was a scholar and did go to school. In 1881 they were living at 77 Chancery Lane, Parr. Again I wondered if anyone knew what schools might be in the area at that time. I was wondering if any records might exist. I have tried to track a school record for her as well on FindMyPast but to no avail. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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