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  1. I am really puzzled why give and old player like Jon Wilkin a two year deal, Yet a far far better player Sean Long was only offered a one year deal when his contract was up , In the press Wilkin admitted his best playing days were behind so his two year contract beggars belief
  2. Loads of OAP with tupperwear boxes waiting for opening time having said that i dont know anywere that can do better pork pies of ham shanks love them
  3. I was coach of the St Helens open age combination team that beat Kirby in the Lancashire Cup we had some fantastic players my Captain was Jackie Rennie the goal keeper the football manager was Dick Wareham the final was played at the Vulcan ground Newton
  4. Well Saints till i die but def love the banter in the west stand its the noisey stand cause we stand up like we did at Knowsley rd not into sitting to watch rugby could do that at home from an armchair L.OL.
  5. Alan, There used to be stood near me in the west stand an old couple from cumbria said they came to watch Ade garner play not seen them for a while wonder if they will be back with us now Ade is on the coaching staff ?
  6. Lawman john russel, Bronco ty hardin , Maverick james garner , jack kelly , roger moore, Tenderfoot tom hutchins, Paladin richard boone,
  7. Iremember Parr Cents dances each week wild and fun i got banned so mates went in and opened a window at the side of the school to let me in
  8. i am Lancastrian not a B- - - - y scouser this is red rose territory no matter how london try to screw us and liverpool try to smother us , Plus our labour leader of the council is a scotsman no feeling for our heritage no matter what excuses they put out he was brought in by our MP a turncoat tory another jobs for the boys sorted all this stuff is pushed though the back door no chance of a vote they might get the wrong answer we are not asked we are dictated to to chance of democracy with this lot none
  9. Can that be the same team that beat Saints last week ? team sheet looks the same bet Anderson is not a happy bunny
  10. Hey try this for size, Bobby Goulding as tweeted he knows some of them who invaded the pitch but wont be saying who they are beat that one its disgusting
  11. That drunken performance on national television makes us northeners look like drunken idiots how can we expect sponsers to back our clubs when i get that kind of publicty on television they dont want there products on show on shirts waved around by people involled in that pitch invastion not a good advert for them or us as rugby supporters
  12. Hey HJ, How is Kevin Brown not seen any mention in the papers of the clatter he took near the West Stand were i was stood they were not the same when he left he is a good play maker for widnes and after all he is from Haydock good lad, Dont think they was any singing on the Wigan coach coming back from Bradford they took a win there as a forgone conclusion and came unstuck
  13. You forgot Burchalls pies now onto the third generation Ohh and by the way Bartons pickles
  14. The long roofed summer house with seats all around it near the fountain and the sunken gardens were me and my wife did our courting near the bishops road enterance innocence time no vandals around to ruin it
  15. Stood looking at what was Burtons for years and all the other closed shops near it so sad rents and rates to high to make it worthwide to trade in st helens its getting like will the last to leave please switch the light off
  16. What kids do to-day scratch cars bust wing mirrors loads of fun they find it great dont give a damn about the cost they dont have to pay , A total different generation than we were ours was innocent fun there is vandalism
  17. i worked in number one tank cowley hill my foreman was Ernie Marsh , I left and went to rolled plate archman then second operator on wired glass then had an accident on a tank repair , The personal put me on security my boss was Billy Dunne best guy on that job was Jock Duncan a mine of information for me learning how to make butties for the fella s working over time spent sometime in that kitchen lol
  18. jimmy c spark

    By the 'eck

    Alan, Not when this guy say he has pics on his mobile just waiting to see the prove if its fact certain Saints players should give there wage for that game to a supporters charity will let you know if i see the prove Alan on here
  19. jimmy c spark

    Wel Done Leigh

    Quite a few of the othe Super League teams would lose to the Leigh team hope the manage to get promotion up i for one would be happy to see this another local team back in the mix
  20. jimmy c spark

    By the 'eck

    Well here is one that might explain the Saints performance against Catalan someone who travelled over to france saw some Saints players the night before the game in a club drunk as lords if thats right how and why was this allowed to happen thats one second have pro players no respect for the supporters whos money provides there wages was both shocked and disgusted to hear this if its true its terrible i am a season ticket holder but stuff like this will make me think twice regards renewing my ticket next year glad i never travelled over to France now
  21. Awww R,I,P Wilf met you down at Blackbrook ARLFC quite a few time quite a font of knowledge regards rugby league
  22. I once worked with a guy on security at pilkingtons sheet works is name was James Argo Duncan a scotsman i asked why the Argo in his name told me it was a viking name passed thru the family but as per usual was called Jock Duncan being a scotman
  23. Hey Joe, I was there amazing what a kick up the arse can do to wake some people up thanks to Paul Wellens for saying it like it was last week first time Mascoe has performed like that since he has being here and got M.OM Wellens when on the field makes them play as a team he was at full back last night played the whole game but need to improve on that to beat Wigan they put a terrific performance in against Salford and Leeds are still winning tight at the top but makes for a good season and some excellent games if your a Rugby League supporter
  24. Just watched the most pathetic display by a Saints team cant wait to hear the excuses Warrington played them off the park i mean Wolves have lost Briers, Morley, Hodgson and are rebuilding didn't Nathan Brown say Walsh was the final piece in the jigsaw [ win the league ] lol not a chance wondering if i can get a refund on my season ticket being conned into buying it on the promise of a fantastic product and some of there perfomances against the top teams looks like i have being had over Saints were shocking lets hear how good Warrington were form Nathan Brown ermmm
  25. Checking on past weddings and burials of the Spark family from thatto heath they all used Christ Church eccleston, My Dad and Mam got married at the same time as his sister Gladys marrying George Twamley a double wedding at Christ Church
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