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  1. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    Would that have been Pickavance's newsagent, John?
  2. Olliebeak


    I just googled 'Cat's Tail Hall, St.Helens' and came up with this article from The Warrington Guardian (June 2002) - https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/5267286.On_the_trail_of_Cat_s_tail_Hall/
  3. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    I know that his younger brother (Harry) died in a car crash back in 72 - which really had a bad effect on me at the time. I'd known him all my life - our mum's had put us in the same playpen while they chatted over a cuppa. He was the first of my 'contemporaries' to die - I think that's when you realise that your own generation is NOT going to be around for ever . Could you please ask John about his younger sister (Elizabeth) for me please - I've not seen her since I left Lingholme Road - my maiden name was Lilian Thompson. Thank you.
  4. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    It was just something that we heard around the time that it was built - so around 65 or so.
  5. Olliebeak

    Carr Mill Cricket Club

    That's a new one to me too, Hort . Been for a nosey at the Burrows Map - but can't see any possible location on there .
  6. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    Hi Dave - I remember hearing that Rivington School (in Tennis Street North) had its own 'built-in swimming pool' - but don't know if that was just a rumour. Can you shed any light on the subject?
  7. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    Yes - the white prefabs were still there in my day - Mrs Hunter (1st Year - age 4/5) in the far one and Miss Goodwin (2nd Year - age 5/6) in the near one - with a corridor joining the two rooms with toilets and a small staff room. The Senior Girls Annexe Building was facing them across the tiny playground. We didn't get a 'lie-down' when I was there, but we were encouraged to sit quietly, forearms on table with our heads resting down on them for around 20mins - to give Mrs Hunter 'chance to mark handwriting attempts' - but most of us DID doze off . For 3rd Year Infants (age 6/7), we had to go into the Main Building - and that class was Miss Mills in the corridor closest to Rivington Road. Eventually, Mrs Owen had the corresponding classroom in the other corridor for an extra 3rd Year Infant Class. The 6 classrooms around the Assembly Hall, were all the Junior School - one class each for Year 1 (age 7/8) and Year 2 (age 8/9), and two classes each for Year 3 (age 9/10) and Year 4 (age 10/11). By the 50's, nobody got 'moved to Knowsley Road' (well, not unless they got taken out of the school by parents or expelled). Knowsley Road School was a completely different, and separate, school in its own right. The first time we normally had any contact with kids from there was after the 11+ when we all went to our different Senior Schools. Did you know anybody surnamed Beesley (from 115 Harris Street) when you were at Knowsley Road - they had two older sons - James (went to Rivvy Seniors) and John (I think) who went to Cowley. Mrs Hunter lived at 140 - the dairy house was 130 (with the dairy yard next to the entry) - I've just checked on Google Maps . My Nan's friend (Mrs Cooper) lived at 122 on the other side of the entry. The lovely lady who made beautiful cakes, and sold them from her front parlour shop, was at 134. Two very tiny, modern semi-detached houses now stand where the dairy yard used to be.
  8. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    If she was a 'Miss Billington', maybe she married and I might have known her under another name. Oh yes, I forgot, there was also a Mrs Owen - her husband (Mr Owen) was also one of our teachers and their two children went to Rivvy as well. One of the children (the youngest) around the age of 2 or 3, was allowed to 'sit in class' while her mother was teaching ..................... imagine that happening nowadays ! Mrs Hunter lived in Lingholme Road - around No. 144.
  9. Olliebeak

    Rivington Road Primary School 1940s

    By 1961, in the Junior School, the loo roll (still the shiny Izal stuff) was kept in the 'Library Cupboard' in the Assembly Hall. You were allowed to tear off 'no more than 3 pieces'. The toilets were still in the playground - girls to the left and boys to the right. Who was the 'posh female teacher', Alan - Mrs Hunter? When I was there, we had Mrs Hunter, Miss Goodwin, Miss Mills, Mrs Tuntstall, Miss Free and Mrs Turner - besides Miss Staveley.
  10. Olliebeak

    late 1950/s

    Doesn't ring any bells with me, neither
  11. Olliebeak

    Dear Doctor

    hmmm - Bowery Medical Centre, Thatto Heath - my daughter and her family's surgery ..................................... why am I NOT surprised??
  12. Olliebeak

    At Carr Mill Dam

    It DID run on rails but, for part of the way at least, the track was slightly 'sunken' below the level of the ground either side of it . You're right, non sibi sed omnibus - it didn't 'uncouple'; at its furthest point, the track went around in a loop through the trees - not far from where the 'original boathouse' had been. There's a photo on here of 'Carr Mill Railway Station', but I don't actually remember seeing it looking like that - we always got on it close to the Roller Skating Rink and Paddling Pool. Somebody has commented that the piece of wall on the right hand side is part of the Roller Rink, but I don't think you'd see the Helter Skelter that close if that were the case. Sunno - maybe time is clouding my memory .
  13. Olliebeak

    At Carr Mill Dam

    Looks like it was the base for one of the Fairground Rides that used to be along there - Boat Swings perhaps? There's an old photo showing that part of the Fairground taken from out on the water ........................ wonder if it can be identified using that, Robbob? Fresh Edit - The 'track way' that I referred to in that post were along the 'Martindale Road side' of the Dam - not actually rails, as such, but the sunken track bed showing where the train used to run - wish I'd photographed it, at that time. There was also the remains of an old turnstile/fence that the train used to pass through as it went into the wooded area. Not been up there for a log time - a visit is long-overdue, methinks 😉 ! added 7 minutes later In another photo - the one of two ladies sitting at a small table at the side of the Dam - there's a 'slipway' for launching boats onto the water - wonder if it could have been a rail leading onto the slipway
  14. Olliebeak

    At Carr Mill Dam

    Looks like it was the base for one of the Fairground Rides that used to be along there - Boat Swings perhaps? There's an old photo showing that part of the Fairground taken from out on the water ........................ wonder if it can be identified using that, Robbob? Just had a look at that old photo, but it's not clear enough to be able to identify very much at all 😩
  15. Olliebeak

    Around St.Helens

    The first photo almost looks like 'yesteryear', BJL - such a shame that the old 'Canteen/Dining Room Building' has gone the way that it has 😢. Nearly 60yrs on, the landscaping around the lake is looking good though 👍.

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