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  1. Olliebeak

    At Carr Mill Dam

    Looks like it was the base for one of the Fairground Rides that used to be along there - Boat Swings perhaps? There's an old photo showing that part of the Fairground taken from out on the water ........................ wonder if it can be identified using that, Robbob? Fresh Edit - The 'track way' that I referred to in that post were along the 'Martindale Road side' of the Dam - not actually rails, as such, but the sunken track bed showing where the train used to run - wish I'd photographed it, at that time. There was also the remains of an old turnstile/fence that the train used to pass through as it went into the wooded area. Not been up there for a log time - a visit is long-overdue, methinks 😉 ! added 7 minutes later In another photo - the one of two ladies sitting at a small table at the side of the Dam - there's a 'slipway' for launching boats onto the water - wonder if it could have been a rail leading onto the slipway
  2. Olliebeak

    At Carr Mill Dam

    Looks like it was the base for one of the Fairground Rides that used to be along there - Boat Swings perhaps? There's an old photo showing that part of the Fairground taken from out on the water ........................ wonder if it can be identified using that, Robbob? Just had a look at that old photo, but it's not clear enough to be able to identify very much at all 😩
  3. Olliebeak

    Around St.Helens

    The first photo almost looks like 'yesteryear', BJL - such a shame that the old 'Canteen/Dining Room Building' has gone the way that it has 😢. Nearly 60yrs on, the landscaping around the lake is looking good though 👍.
  4. An episode of Brookside was filmed around Carr Mill Dam. If I remember rightly, it involved the character 'Tinhead' (played by actor Philip Olivier) and a stolen car being driven into the water. Storyline mentioned in Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_O'Leary Also involving Carr Mill - the film 'Blonde Fist', starring Margi Clarke. It has two of the lead characters escaping from the window at The Carr Mill Cafe (the one on the other side of the East Lancs Road).
  5. Olliebeak

    Around St.Helens

    Love to see your pics from Lingholme Road/Boundary Road/Queens Park/Cowley Hill Lane, Robbob - thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the goings on around the area . My old GP (Dr Isadore Rosen - Dr Michael Rosen's dad) had his surgery in the house that was demolished at the far-side of The Elms. It was called Cowley Mount and the family lived there, as well as it being his surgery. The Surgery, Waiting Room and tiny office were on the ground floor. Such a beautiful, elegant house and was shocked to find it had been demolished to make way for those flats. Thanks for the ones of Derbyshire Hill, as well. My mum grew up in Rudd Avenue and lived there till 1951 when she married my dad. St.Vincent's is where the majority of the family were 'hatched, matched and despatched'!
  6. Olliebeak

    Wilkos - Sefton Corner

    Described as 'Junction Improvements, HORT' - https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/traffic-travel-parking/roadworks/
  7. Olliebeak

    Cinema in prescot

    redlegs liz - are you on the Huyton History Facebook Site ... some great stuff on there !
  8. Olliebeak

    Lugsmore Lane Shops

    Thank you for that, sergeant - makes perfect sense to me !
  9. Olliebeak

    Darby and Joan Clubs

    Decided to 'go Google' and found this on Wikipedia .. yeah, I know, don't always trust 'dear old Wiki', but it makes for interesting reading ! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darby_and_Joan and from 'phrasefinder' - https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/darby-and-joan.html
  10. Olliebeak

    Rivington Rd

    Miss Staveley's sister was a missionary in China .
  11. Olliebeak

    Lady Pilks

    I only ever met her on one occasion - in the Chemist Shop on Greenfield Road, when she was chatting in a very friendly with the Assistants in there. Seemed like a really lovely lady, but I couldn't help a little giggle .. the image of Dick Emery's 'Mandy' remained with me ever afterwards .
  12. Olliebeak

    Fed Up Never Hearing About Events Going On?

    Is it possible to sign up for updates directly to your Inbox on this website, please?
  13. Olliebeak

    Teachers's Rest

    'Teacher's Rest, Mother's Pest and Father's Aggravation' was what we always knew it as, HORT !
  14. Olliebeak

    dont we have school hols anymore?

    My grandkids have been off school - like all the other kids - since the end of July, but how things have changed since our generation were children! 1 - Parents are not allowed to take kids out of school during Term Time, therefore most of them get taken on holiday during the school holidays. Where families are split by divorce, very often this can mean TWO holidays during the summer holidays. My grandkids were away with their dad for a week - next weekend (Bank Holiday) they're going away for a 'long weekend' with my daughter (of course this was even MORE expensive due to the BH!) 2 - Farms etc can no longer employ kids who want to earn a bit of extra pocket money during the holidays, due to things like H&S regulations / automatic harvesting of some crops / age restrictions / cheap foreign labour prepared to work for less than minimum wages 3 - Many parents are too scared to allow kids to 'wander off all day in search of adventures'. Increased traffic on roads like the East Lancs, make it quite dangerous for older kids to be in charge of youger ones without an adult present. We thought nothing of crossing it to get to Moss Bank, Crank, Rainford, Carr Mill, Billinge. Plus the daily stories of kids being abducted/abused/mugged/bullied are scary for today's parents. 4 - Kids have all the entertainment that they can possibly want within the walls of their bedrooms. PC Gaming means that they can sit in their own rooms and compete with other kids in their own rooms ... once they have the 'where-with-all' it doesn't cost any further financial layout. I daily 'Give Thanks' that I had my own childhood when I did !
  15. Olliebeak

    Oh NO.The Vision of St.Helens Town Centre.

    Robbob - Looking at what needs to be demolished, is there anything worth your while documenting among those buildings !

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