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  1. My Dad and his younger brother BOTH went to The Open Air School. Dad always suffered with severe Bronchitis as a child - same with his brother. Didn't stop Dad from becoming a fairly 'heavy smoker' as he got into his teens. Most of his National Service Photos show him with a cig in his hand OR in his mouth! Strangely enough, his brother NEVER smoked at all. He became a bit of a 'Health Nut' and did lots of cycling around Derbyshire and 'Trough of Bowland'. He and his girlfriend would set off with the bikes on the roof of his car, go cycling all over the place and then back home in the car. They also used to go to The Isle of Man for the 'Road Cycling TT Races' . photo of Open Air School, Rainford Road.
  2. In the 60s there was a young guy lived in that house with his parents. Name escapes me at the moment - but he played guitar in one of the St.Helens Groups of the day. He also worked as an Apprentice Electrician. When we were all having Immersion Heaters fitted - on Hard Lane Estate - he worked on fitting ours .
  3. I always thought there was a Water Inlet from the Lake into the Paddling Pool. There was DEFINITELY something that looked like a 'Sluice Gate', along that Top Path. There was also another 'Sluice' at the other end of the Lake, where water could be released through a channel - down towards the grassy area near the Swings - and into the 'Bottom Dam' ie Leg o Mutton.
  4. I was at that Party in the Baptist Church, Lingholme Road, too 😁. At the time, I was 2 years old and went with my grandmother. My mum had given birth to my younger sister on 17th May and was still in hospital due to my sister not being well enough to come home. Is there anyway of enlarging that photo, please, so that I can see it more clearly, Dave
  5. I remember it being outside Burtons Menswear too, Phyll - BEFORE the Town Centre was decimated in the 70s. Height of technology at the time, that was 😉😁!
  6. A few weeks ago, we had mention of a new DVD and a book about St.Helens - well of course, I've sent my other-half out to get them for me and can't remember the name of the book. He's managed to get the DVD (the one with 'the two Johns') but Wardleworths didn't seem to know which book he was on about. My own stupid fault, I know - should have written it down and put it 'somewhere safe' at the time. Is there anywhere on this site that we could perhaps put a list of books, DVDs etc with comments on whether or not we think they're worth getting hold of? cheers - Ollie
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