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  1. Dig

    Lord Harry

    He sold a rover car to a friend of mine in Dentons Green area.
  2. Middlehurst garage,I remember buying a Riley Elf new cost about £650 in the late 60s.
  3. They had two mirrors,back to back some had a picture inserted between them.
  4. Do you remember making double sided small mirrors,my farther made them he was a glazier.
  5. Dig

    College Street

    Work has started on the old dole office,it has become an eyesore.
  6. All in favour of this as long as the beer doesn’t taste like p***.
  7. Asbestos will have to be removed before alterations ,it can cost thousands.
  8. The building was built around 1960,my father worked on it as a glazier, it could have a lot of asbestos in the build.
  9. Dig

    The Gerard Pub

    Good report on Liverpool Echo web site.
  10. Good report on Carr Mill repairs on Star web site.
  11. Sunday night at the London paladium.
  12. Dig


    Do you have a Navel display.
  13. Dig


    The Holt in Billinge was on tv main problem were the gents toilets.the pub is 300 years old pity to see it go down.
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