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  1. My grandson told me there was fighting in the bar,lots of blood,not very family friendly.
  2. Good photo, next I go to the station I will ask the ticket lads,or the lad from Hanson’s,for any info.
  3. Also saw the area,no info on the Green triangle,that land was the old fruit and veg wholesale site.
  4. Good food,was the floor uneven or was it the ale.
  5. Come back when you are ready,good luck.
  6. This plaque is over the Nelson pub,it may help to date Bridge st.
  7. At the back of the shop there is a clothing alteration unit.Stich in Time The shop is like a modern Open all Hours set up.
  8. Dig

    Ajax beaten

    Another amazing match,roll on the final.
  9. Dig

    Liverpool beat Barca 4-0

    Salah will be back,amazing match, pure teamwork.
  10. Police houses,I remember two in the Carr Mill estate .C/Wood.
  11. That pill box should be a listed building,not many left.
  12. You don’t see kids fishing in the hotties any more or swimming.
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