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  1. Also the sausage and egg artist shop.
  2. Also a posh ladies shop opposite side to Barton’s.
  3. I remember my father using liquid parrafin and Brillcream on his hair.
  4. Doing a foreigner,doing a job on the side.
  5. Bullions and Cullot are glass making terms,also a Witness is an engineering term and Dross is waste material.
  6. Outside toilets,froze up in winter,squares of newspaper for loo roll.
  7. Dig

    Miners' Clogs

    I remember every house had a last,then Woolworths sold Stick a Sole to do repairs.
  8. Did a light aircraft crash near Garswood old road in the sixties.
  9. Prudential insurance collector.
  10. The council should buy them and open them for the rough sleepers in town.
  11. I remember going to the Lake District and helping locals pick rose hips in the hedgerows.
  12. I lived in Kirkby,got picked up by a tractor,spent all day on farm fields,each basket you filled you were given a token at the end of the day you got paid.The more tokens the more wages.
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