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  1. Dig

    Miners' Clogs

    I remember every house had a last,then Woolworths sold Stick a Sole to do repairs.
  2. Did a light aircraft crash near Garswood old road in the sixties.
  3. Prudential insurance collector.
  4. The council should buy them and open them for the rough sleepers in town.
  5. I remember going to the Lake District and helping locals pick rose hips in the hedgerows.
  6. I lived in Kirkby,got picked up by a tractor,spent all day on farm fields,each basket you filled you were given a token at the end of the day you got paid.The more tokens the more wages.
  7. I remember various party members offering lifts in the car to the polling centres.
  8. Is the estate nearby renamed High Lands Brow.
  9. Dig


    Good luck to Saints,I don’t follow rugby but it is good for the town.
  10. Supermarket near Boundry road,Monysave,cheap and cheerful no frills.
  11. My grandson told me there was fighting in the bar,lots of blood,not very family friendly.
  12. Good photo, next I go to the station I will ask the ticket lads,or the lad from Hanson’s,for any info.
  13. Also saw the area,no info on the Green triangle,that land was the old fruit and veg wholesale site.
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