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  1. I found a lot of intermittent faults were plug leads breaking down,miss fire and stalling.Chang them and would run like a dream cost about £5.
  2. added 2 minutes later Changing points,l had to fix a few for my mates,they always forget the fibre washer.
  3. Did anyone notice the reg no, DJ in the reg was a St Helens registration code.I had a car reg ODJ 203 F
  4. Dig

    Victoria Park 2018

    Park is well used on Saturdays by Park Run they meet at the bandstand ,all welcome. added 5 minutes later Park Run is a running group all levels are welcome.
  5. Dig


    I think it was in Birchly St. You could buy bags of black tar to repair paths.
  6. Dig

    Around St.Helens

    My memories about cafe,large cups of tea after fishing in Carr Mill ,also motor bike lads,lots of young girls waiting on,lorry drivers.
  7. Dig

    Around St.Helens

    Javelin car may have bean in town for the classic car show at the bus museum Sunday.
  8. I remember in the 1960s,some sort of army camp off the Rainford by pass on the left side going out of St Helens,about half way down,maybe a POW site.
  9. A lot of POWs met local girls and married them,I had relations in Aspatria and a lot of them settled down and married local girls from a nearby camp,
  10. Dig

    Spring Equinox 2018

    Don’t forget clocks spring forward at the weekend.
  11. Dig

    Cemetery tree

    When I visit cemeteries in the winter i noticed lots of snowdrops,is this an old tradition ?
  12. Dig

    Derwent rd fire

    Sad to hear about fire,must be over 40yrs old,my kids went to play school and then dance class.
  13. Dig

    The water rat

    Sandy bay was his favourite place to swim.
  14. Dig

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Yes Victoria Park in the the sunken garden.
  15. Dig

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Pure luck went for a walk in park,sat on seat opposit fountain.

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