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  1. Spoke to the carpet shop owner,he said it was a Free Evangelist chapel.The star is not Jewish but similar.
  2. I remember when Tom Collins closed down bikers came from miles around to buy parts.
  3. I found pictures of Oxford St on St Helens community archive site, but no pics of church.
  4. My father had one for years.he only made 10 a day, he said it made him cut down.
  5. Rizla cigarette 🚬 making machine.and cigarette cases.
  6. Loads of buses in the Transport Musuem in town.
  7. Amazing pothole outside Mill st Medical Center,sorry no picture.
  8. It may be a veriation of Slavering
  9. Good shots,last year I saw a flock of Waxwings in my garden,never seen them before.
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