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  1. Pappa Canoos

    Pilkingtons Personnel Department

    Does anyone remember Barry Haroldson known as 'Barold' to his good friends ? He was there in the early 70's then emigrated to Australia !
  2. Lake Windermere - Phantom 4: https://t.co/Oc44Ep6nRw via @YouTube

  3. Pappa Canoos

    You gotta be

    I'm all for pushing/promoting local talent etc... but i'd rather listen to the washing machine on a 1200rpm spin cycle.
  4. They've flattened that Printers pretty quick. Good work. A few of those 'PebbleDashed Mansions' aren't gonna have the best view for a while.
  5. Pappa Canoos

    Park Rd Cafe Funday

    Cafe ? I thought this was meant to be a Nursery/Child Care Facility ?
  6. Ring Pro Doorbell - Night Quality Sample: https://t.co/iwehbckuFf via @YouTube

  7. Unboxing DJI Mavic Pro - Fly More Pack: https://t.co/gQynDjeHm5 via @YouTube

  8. Pappa Canoos

    Carr Mill Dam - Aerial Photos and Video

    Thanks very much for your comments. Looking to do more vids/pics very soon, just looking for new locations.

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