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  1. If we're talking about the 1950s, I think he was a distant relation of mine called Walter Dennett. I've no idea what happened to him. I remember his father who was also called Walter.
  2. I do remember very well the Christmas parties at Forsters glass bottle factory where my dad worked. I was there first as a child of 9 in about 1950. Father Christmas used to come and we all got a present. We used to all sing carols and in later years, pop songs. My mother played the piano for the singing and when I got to be 17 or so, I took over the job for a few years because I knew the pop songs.
  3. J R piano

    Lady Pilks

    I knew most of the people mentioned in these two articles, in fact two of them are my parents, May and Harry. I was in Lowe House church choir as a boy and Tommy Leigh's father was the choirmaster. We used to go up to his house in North Road for rehearsals. I actually appeared in The Gondoliers with the St H Gilbert and Sullivan Society at the age of about 12 as a sort of page boy! Because my mum was the accompanist I know (but now don't particularly love) most of the G & S music.
  4. J R piano

    Lady Pilks

    My mum and dad knew Lady Pilks, my mum was accompanist for St Helens amateur operatics and my dad a singer. They were presented with long service medals by Lady Pilks (I think) some time in the 1970s or 1980s. Is the operatic society still going? I used to know a few of the members years ago before I left St. Helens in the late 60s.
  5. Yes I remember both Vincent's and Fredericks. They used to come round in horse-drawn ice cream vans with a bell. I usually had to go out after they'd gone and collect the horse manure for the garden!
  6. I played at the Plaza with Bobby D. They used to have a night for local bands to have a chance to play - I think they called it Champagne Night. The house band was the Red Carter band and more recently I worked with Red in small groups for weddings etc. On the night we played I remember Bernard was so nervous he almost fell down the stairs from the band room. I remember the Eagle and Child nights with a lot of pleasure. We played a lot of Dave brubeck stuff.
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