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  1. I've got 4 videos of St. Helens if any one want's them. pm me if interested
  2. I can remember going to see them in the late 1950's in a room above the old Gas Showrooms
  3. That was my first washing machine it got the clothes cleaner than these automatics do now
  4. Wind up Gramophones Three quarter beds Gas Meters you put money in Slop-stones
  5. Gas mantles Tea strainers Waspie belts Snake belts
  6. For anyone interested there are a lot of photo's of Elephant Lane etc on Facebook
  7. They would have been a great help for my family history research
  8. You don't see Wedding announcements now where they used to show a picture of the bride and groom and maybe the bridesmaids then below that they said where they were married, who was at the wedding and went on to describe what the bride was wearing and the bridesmaids and her mother and mother in law etc, etc, and where they were going for there honeymoon. Fascinating reading if you were nosy like me
  9. Bookies runners Knocker Ups Women scrubbing the steps Men in turbans selling door to door Shops that sold food on tick "Outdoors" now called off-licences Piano's in pubs
  10. In those days you had to stay in there for a week so consequently I was stuck in there over Christmas. Made up for it though when I got out
  11. They must have been a bit hard up by 1967 cause all we got was corn flakes in the morning. But I remember the cocoa.
  12. I had my son in Cowley Hill December 20th 1967. He will be 44 on Tuesday. I remember being in the big ward first and then moved over to the Gables. If I remember rightly the window on the right of the door was the one in my room as I remember looking out on to the car park. He was two weeks overdue and he's never changed, he never turns up on time for anything
  13. a coffin laid out in the parlour (with the lid off) As a child I'll never forget it children playing out in the street (not where we live anyway) Wage packets (It all goes straight in the bank now) National dried milk and the orange juice ( I used to love the taste of it)
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