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  1. I used to love reading this and trying to speak the dialect as it was written. Didn't need much to make us smile when we were kids.
  2. The wooden roller coaster aka "The Bobs". I went on it it in 1962...never again, scared me to death.
  3. Joan Pennington wrote a book around 1996 called "Moss Bank, The Village" and in it she named a few of the pubs landlords as follows:- Henry Wilkinson 1834 Mary Ashcroft 1871 Joseph H. King 1891 Edward Taylor pre 1924 Elizabeth Taylor 1924 George Pridham ? Anthony Twist ? and she said the Landlord at the time of writing the book was Frank Connolly (There was a Frank Connelly who had the Swan in town in the 1980's)
  4. Mrs Harrison's corner of Fox St and Crab St facing Travellers Rest
  5. I've got 4 videos of St. Helens if any one want's them. pm me if interested
  6. I can remember going to see them in the late 1950's in a room above the old Gas Showrooms
  7. I remember that shop when it was called Lockie's in the 1950's
  8. Years ago there used to be one in The Huntsman at Haydock, very popular on a Saturday night and also The Queen's at Fingerpost.
  9. Yes I would but it would depend on the salary
  10. That was my first washing machine it got the clothes cleaner than these automatics do now
  11. Wind up Gramophones Three quarter beds Gas Meters you put money in Slop-stones
  12. When we was at school it was always SUMS and we could work it out in our head, not like today with calculators etc. God help you if they saw you counting on your fingers
  13. Gerard Infants School, Cowley St 1951-1953 Miss Corsey Miss Whittaker Miss Burrows Miss Hartley
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