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  1. bridger

    Old St Helens Reporter 1960,s

    I used to love reading this and trying to speak the dialect as it was written. Didn't need much to make us smile when we were kids.
  2. bridger

    Flea circuses.

    The wooden roller coaster aka "The Bobs". I went on it it in 1962...never again, scared me to death.
  3. bridger

    St Helens Fever Hospital

    I was in there in 1956. Hadn't a clue where I was going or where I was when I got there and no-one told me I would be in there for over a week and not be able to see any of the family. First time I'd ever stayed away from home and it felt like I'd been sent to an orphanage.
  4. bridger

    drawing out a family tree

    Thanks everyone for all your advice.
  5. bridger

    drawing out a family tree

    Anyone know where I can get my tree printed locally.
  6. bridger

    Best pubs to eat in St Helens?

    We've never been disappointed with meals at Clock Face Hotel.
  7. Someone was asking to see a picture of the Mining School. I think this is it further up than the old Central Station
  8. bridger

    School 1961 Gerrards Bridge halfway house.

    I didn't pass the 11 plus and went to Central Modern. Is this where you mean superbos.
  9. bridger

    beer house sandfield crescent 8 or 10-brian boru

    My ancestor William H. Hill lived at number 10 Sandfield Crescent in 1891 and he was a Chemical Labourer.
  10. bridger

    Moss Bank Nail Makers

    Joan Pennington wrote a book around 1996 called "Moss Bank, The Village" and in it she named a few of the pubs landlords as follows:- Henry Wilkinson 1834 Mary Ashcroft 1871 Joseph H. King 1891 Edward Taylor pre 1924 Elizabeth Taylor 1924 George Pridham ? Anthony Twist ? and she said the Landlord at the time of writing the book was Frank Connolly (There was a Frank Connelly who had the Swan in town in the 1980's)
  11. Appleton's is on the right just after the white building which was Hall's Solicitors
  12. bridger

    A Few Of Many From Todays Snaps

    Eric Latham (Saints) married Doreen Fairhurst they owned Kerr's Pop factory. Doreen was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Fairhurst who used to own Barton's Pickles. I believe Mrs Fairhurst was the daughter of Edmund Barton the original Barton family. Doreen's brother Eddie Fairhurst took over Barton's Pickles when their father died and now Eddie's daughter runs it I think. I worked at Barton's in the office in the 1960's.
  13. bridger

    Good Friday In Lowe House Church

    All my ancestors on my side were baptised, married and were buried from Lowe House church and went to Lowe House School as well including me. Even though I don't attend the church now (Lowe House school put me off being a Catholic) I still feel a closeness when I see the church. Miss the old altar though and the marble railings.
  14. bridger

    Early Closing Day

    I've noticed lately that most Chemist's seem to shut on a Saturday. Is no-one ill on a weekend.
  15. bridger

    Early Closing Day

    We used to go to Liverpool on Thursday's

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