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  1. Hello Jimmy l found this site by accident l replied to john Graham least l hope its the same.  No answer yet do you remember me l was in greenfield 1965 ish remember the head Mr mc carthney. Deep Mr lynch.Mr Connelly.Mr teasdale  ( one eye. Mr morris Mr Palmer Mr Ashcroft cook Mr walker   lads  John Graham Carlisle.  Dave Byrne me Christy for wood Larry Scott Jimmy o leary  liverpool.   John McMahon. Bury   halaghan Warrington.  Keowskie Jackson Widnes. Plus 3 lads from Whitehaven maryport. And workington


  2. i was in greenfield house when it was an approved school in 1963 t0 1966 when mr mccarthy was the head master there was mr ashcroft mr morris ,cant remenber the wood worker teacher there where other members of staff but cant remenber there names hope there is someone out there who was there at the same time i was
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