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  1. When it was Vicky Park Museum do you remember the Bengal Tiger?
  2. Hi Phyll, I do not remember the Prescott Road site resembling the photo in the attachment. Was it the new site at Alder Hey Road after the school was moved, which I only knew as the sports ground?
  3. Now that I have finally managed to post photos, this is the one referred to #12 back in Oct 2016. Some magnificent expressions.
  4. Hort, no problem if you want to forward the photo.
  5. Did you spot Greg Rigby in the third row of the first photo and then re-appearing, peeping round the corner on the fourth row of the third photo? Nowadays that would be "you're the man", "give me five" etc. etc. In those days it was a mortal sin!!
  6. My favourite teacher was our maths teacher Jack Tibbens. The enthusiasm, his sense of humour, his knowledge of his subject and a real gentleman. My golden memory of Jack was him asking the class a question and then pupils who knew the answer put up their hands. He pointed to one boy and said "you boy, tell us the answer, what's your name?" It was his son John. Tragically he died very young.
  7. Hort, never having posted a photo onto this site I played around this morning and succeeded. To get some semblance of clarity I could only do the exercise in 3 stages.
  8. Sorry, the photo is physically too long to scan.
  9. I was at West Park, Prescott Road between 1956-61. I have an elongated school photograph taken in 1961 showing all 600 pupils and staff positioned in front of the school. One pupil, Greg Rigby, ran round the back of the group while the camera panned across and appears at the left and right of the photo. The headmaster, Bro Augustine, spotted it, made him buy two photos and gave him 6 of the best for his troubles.
  10. In the 60s I remember a cafe named Hills on the bend where Crab St joined Duke St (opposite The Plaza). It was very popular with GPO engineers, Bin Men (as they were then called), the staff from Barton’s and many others looking for a reasonably priced breakfast. It was run by Mr Hill and 4 or 5 old ladies. Mr Hill stood in command of the toaster and as orders came in, he rejoiced in placing the bread on the grill and pick his nose to add flavour to the toast as he turned it over. Seems horrible now but we went back day after day seeing the same customer faces.
  11. People would stuff paper up the chute and then return later, remove the paper to collect the pennies that should have been returned when callers had pressed Button B on a failed call.
  12. Brought back a lot of memories from when I used to repair telephones & switchboards in the St Helens area in the 1960s.
  13. Window cleaners carrying a small "V" shaped ladder over their shoulder.
  14. Early 60’s, I remember a return from the top of Clinkham Wood to town being 6d, that’s two and a half pence today.
  15. Original Dr Lomax in 1950s and was it Bromilow's bike shop at the apex with Westfield St?
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