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  1. Brianza


    Thanks for the info Dig. What a bummer. I’ll have to wait until mid August for my taste of heaven.
  2. Brianza


    I'll be coming to the North West this year from the end of July until September. The only reason I visit Westfield St is to have a Burchalls pie or two. I believe they close for a couple of weeks in the summer for holidays, can anyone tell me what are those dates so I don't waste my time?
  3. Brianza

    Red Arrows 2018 Southport

    Robbob, they are spectacular photos, makes you proud to be British.
  4. Brianza

    Harry Kane DROPPED for England Belgian Game.

    What is it with South American footballers? I believe that the majority of footballers are cheats but the Colombians took it to a different level last night. Did anyone see the Colombian number 17, Mojica, digging up the penalty spot with his studs when the referee had awarded the spot kick for the tackle on Kane? The rest of the team were distracting the ref by surrounding him with stupid arguments while it was happening. When they decided to play football, towards the end of the 90 minutes and the first half of extra time, they showed quality and could easily have won had they concentrated on playing as opposed to niggling and being aggressive. I know rugby league supporters cannot condone the antics of overpaid, aloof, unsocial footballers (I am one) but last night's result has given such a major lift to the spirit in England.
  5. Brianza

    Money for nothing....

    Phyll the skill is tremendous but being alongside the unit does not help you appreciate the bells. The page below is the actual Lowe House Carillion being played with some of the recording being taken outside so you can hear the tune. https://www.stmaryslowehouse.org/fullscreen-page/comp-j7t0hgf0/e04cad83-085d-4126-9449-f6cbdb77bfcc/0/%3Fi%3D0%26p%3Ddupnj%26s%3Dstyle-j81jxbgl NSSO, I was in the choir between 1952-60. Could it be your dad was on the altar at the same period?
  6. Brianza

    Money for nothing....

    I was in Lowe House Boys' Choir for some 8 years and Mr Dennett was the organist. Madam Dennett (I'm still not sure why they called her Madam but everybody did) played the clarion which was in the church tower. As a choir boy I once sat with her and marvelled at her skill to be able to play music on the bells by striking protruding wooden pegs with her gloved fist. When the church clock chimes it plays the hymn Salve Regina, which are the letters around the clock face.
  7. Hi Phyll, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a Wonderful Day!  :birthday: :cheers: 

                                                       BEST WISHES

  8. Brianza

    Come to st.helens this sunday?

    What more could you need in Westfield St? ....... A quality drinking establishment named Dreem with a VIP entrance.
  9. Brianza

    Cold War at West Park

    Just reading old contents on West Park, I was there 1956 -61, and saw the sad reference to Mr Jack Tibbins. In my opinion the finest teacher I ever had in my school life. He was enthusiastic, motivational, encouraging and, as Frank said, had a wonderful sense of humour. I remember him asking a question to the class and pupils raised their hand to answer. He pointed to one pupil and said "you boy, what's your name, tell us the answer". It was his son John who was in my class - priceless. A real gentleman who died much too early.
  10. Brianza

    Courtship of the Terns

    I do remember the old boat house but would love to hear the reason for the tribute to Joe Lee.
  11. Brianza

    Courtship of the Terns

    I can see, from the photograph, where the plaque is to Joe Lee but who was he and when was the tribute erected? It’s over 50 years since I walked the path of Carr Mill dam and he may have been after my time. I remember fishing from the (19?) arches back in the late 50s to early 60s when hydro-plane racing disturbed the peace every Sunday and ruined the tranquility of the sport. Also there were two infamous brothers with rifles who took great pleasure in shooting Swift’s in flight from the arches and then boasted about their skill. I disliked it then and today I presume they would be prosecuted.
  12. Brianza

    Roy Haggerty.

    My first memory of Roy was a double glazing advert (may have been St Helens Glass) and he is pictured covered from head to toe in mud, doing a double teapot and being compared to the beauty of a UPVC window - exquisite. My second memory is when representing GB Rugby team in Australia, being interviewed and asked where he was from, he replied “the top of Elephant Lane”. He was St Helens through and through: RIP Roy.
  13. Brianza

    Billy's Weekly Liar !

    On the Blackpool trips, who missed the coach back home?
  14. Brianza

    Whist Drives?

    Hi Hort, at the whist drive I went to, you played continually with your partner (you were a team) but changed opposition after each game.
  15. Brianza

    Whist Drives?

    Whist was a very popular card game during the 60's and whist drives used to give people something to do if they weren't going to bingo. We used to play whist during our lunch break at St Helens telephone exchange. One day, my playing partner and myself decided to go to the Blackbrook whist drive, which I think was held on a Wednesday evening. After the game, when the winning points was announced, we were not mentioned, even though we had a better score. We challenged the result and were eventually awarded the evening's prize, which I cannot remember how good or bad it was. We never did return or go to another whist drive although we continued to play at work.

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