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  1. Don't beat yourself up Robbob - my God daughter who died at the end of 2014, the same age as Darren, and for the same reasons - drink and the problems it causes, had a good home, a very young son and a supportive family, but the pull of the drink overcame all of that, and if it wasn't for her Mum, she too would have been on the streets, and her Mum has told me since the things she had to put up with from E, her daughter, and it didn't make pleasant listening. E told her Mum the day before she died that she was the best Mum in the world but that she couldn't help someone who just did not want to be helped. Her Mum spent months wondering what went wrong, how did things get to the state they did, but in the end she had to accept that E was ill, and nothing was going to cure that illness, not all the love in the world. At least Darren, like E, is finally at rest.
  2. For the last four years or so communities have been working to survey historic graveyards in Ireland, and their findings are now on line to search. The website is historicgraves.com and could be useful if searching for Irish roots. Going to have a good search of it later.
  3. That's a trip back in time Geoff - do you remember the notice they had to put up behind the bar which stated food would be served (yuk in baskets) - to comply with the law which said that in order to open late they had to provide food? Never had the guts to ask for any!! Had some very drunken nights in there after falling out of the back bar of the Lion.
  4. There but for the Grace of God...
  5. Don't know if this will be of help to anyone but from today if you google the above it brings up the Glasnevin research centre list of the people killed in the 1916 rising - these included British soldiers (26%) and Irish civilians. You fill in a request form for the person you are looking for and they do the search and get back to you. It might help someone looking for 'the missing' Irish ancestor or for the death of a relative who was a soldier but where there are no death records.
  6. Thrice Happy Place etc., Amazon.co.uk £20. Hardback and one on offer for the same amount.
  7. Binx - have sent you a private message.
  8. there is the birth of a Michael Burke in Roscommon in 1837 - only details are that he was a Chelsea Pensioner - pension paid in the UK. They didn't have to live in - pensions were also paid to 'out' living pensioners. There is a death registered in Prescot of Michael Burke September quarter of 1912, age given 75, vol. 8B page 748. Can't find any details on St Helens deceased search of the burial but it may be worth sending for the actual certificate - it may give extra info re place of birth. He was Catholic, and as Ratty said - there are not many details. Roscommon is on the borders of May and Galway and at that time - 1837 - the area of birth could have been Galway - the borders moved frequently until a few years ago.
  9. Another bit of info for you: James was born in 1913, sister Margaret in 1922 - both registered Warrington (this was the registration district for Haydock then). James married Caroline Rennie in 1946 and son Robert J was born in 1951. Sorry - to date I can't find any trace of Robert in Lancashire - but will keep looking.
  10. Don't know if this will help but there is now a site called irishgraveyards.ie which gives details of burials and grave inscriptions amongst other things. There is a map you can click on if you know which area you need - quite a good coverage of Donnegal - and it's a big help for areas where the Parish records no longer exist, or where records are non-existant before 1854 when bmd's had to be recorded for the first time - not that the Irish took much notice of that for years afterwards.
  11. Online now at National Archives.ie - pre-famine census records free to search. This has been an on-going project for a few years, collecting information from people to replace records which were destroyed by fire - the only records to search were 1901 and 1911. The National Archives has just received its one billionth search request - so they are doing something right. Haven't tried it yet, but will be doing so over the weekend.
  12. Not so romantic when you live there. No red-haired women on the quays (bad luck) so that barred me from ever walking the kids round Ramsey harbour unless we were all wearing hats. Never ever use the word rat - also unlucky - ring-tail was the common expression. Tourists may never have seen mad drunks but believe me there were - and probably still are - loads of them. They just don't use the 'tourist' pubs, keep to their own locals. I haven't been back for donkey's years for personal reasons - as in I will kill the kids father if I ever get within two feet of him - but my daughter was born there and has a Manx passport she is very proud of and goes over every year to see family. Being called a comeover by all and sundry isn't too pleasant either. Or having a father-in-law who was a lifeboat man and managed to sink the bloody boat trying to steer it out of Ramsey quays when drunk, or driving a tractor loaded with hay along the TT course into the middle of Ramsey and shouting and cussing at the maniacs who were passing him on fast bikes - he was arrested for that one. All good fun.
  13. He did go to Knowsley Road - My late Uncle Bill was born in the same year and went all through school with Robert Dorning.
  14. Thanks for explanation - didn't know you were supplied with special caddies for food waste. I don't have that much food waste - peelings etc go straight into the compost bin outside, and recycling goes straight into one of the sheds (otherwise it mounts up and it drives me nuts) and is sorted. Have a large pedal bin in utility room as I won't have a bin in the kitchen and what food waste there is after the dogs have had scraps etc is wrapped in newspaper and put in bag inside that. What drives me round the bend is the God-awful plastic trays supermarkets insist on using to pack meat etc in. I got so fed up of cutting the damn things into strips to go into the bin, I banned them. I've used the local butchers for years now for all meat etc. and buy loose fruit and veg if needed, not pre-packed stuff. And can someone please tell me why lemons have a wax coating on which needs a Brillo pad to remove?
  15. Excuse me for being thick, but do you have to actually have food waste in a bin for two weeks before it's collected? That's disgusting if so - it must cause smells, not to mention flies, rats etc. I know that collections in the UK are recycling one week, rubbish the next, same over here, but we have never been asked to keep food waste separate. I don't even have 'collectable' bins, it's a pay-for service here, privately run, so we have a bin outside, which holds 4 full black bin bags. The top of the has fasteners on so rats, mice etc can't get at the contents. When the bin is full, we use a large blue thick council issued bin sack (5euro) and take rubbish to tip ourselves. Rubbish can only be dumped there in these bags. Recycling is by a ticket per load costing 2.50euro - and we take it every 3 months or so. Glass and tins are free, so it's mostly paper and cardboard. I don't actually have much food waste - two dogs see to that but I wouldn't want to have what there is hanging around for days in warm weather. yeuk!
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