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  1. Fibreglass van before & after! Photos are circa 1955. To see more: https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/gallery/
  2. Think I know who you are, thank you for the help! If anyone else wants to help identify photos please click here: https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/gallery/ or pop into Central Library (I am based in Local History room)
  3. Was hoping to get it identified, but I guess it was just a pipe dream.
  4. Aha! Thats why he looks so pleased! Found some photos of a blind factory worker from Ashdowns. More pics here: https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/blind-factory-worker-at-ashdowns-ltd-st-helens/
  5. Ashdowns Ltd, St Helens in the 1950s. He looks pleased with those pipes!
  6. We need help identifying some photographs from the George Street Photography Collection, thought it might be easier to put them all in one thread. Here is the first one. Can you help identify to identify this photo? We believe the mayor is John James Henebery, and the picture was taken from around 1957. Some of the other faces are familiar, can you name anyone or know what the awards are for? Photo is from the George Street Photography Collection: https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/
  7. Hi Dave, I've found it quite simple really but please feel free to PM me if you have any suggestions
  8. We have a new display of portraits in Central Library, and looking for help to identify them. The portraits are from the mid 1950s and are all from the same photographer based on George Street, St Helens. A selection of the images can also be seen online https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/gallery/ The photos were only put on display today and we have already had one identified! Please come in and help us put names to more Thanks! Victoria (Sorry if the photo is big)
  9. Hi Kizzy, was it these you were looking for? https://sthelenslens.wordpress.com/gallery/ We have no names for the portraits of people, so if you recognise someone, please get in touch through the site! Thanks, Victoria Hi Tony, no it isnt online, but if you PM me your email address I can send you a low res copy to check
  10. Hi Tony, I cant help with the unnamed people on your photo but there are photos of a 1950s wedding between Critchley & Hockenhall in this collection, could be an incorrect spelling.
  11. Hi all, thought I would introduce myself, I'm Victoria, the project archivist working in Central Library and looking after the photos from this collection. We have had over 3000 glass plates digitised and they are currently being sorted and catalogued by a great team of volunteers. Some of the photos and stories about the collection are available to view online through the blog (link in my signature) The collection is actually no longer reffered to as 'Jordan & Metcalfe' as we have realised that the photos are mostly later (mostly 1950s). It is now known as the George Street Photography Collection, to cover any photographer that was working from the studio at 16 George Street. There are some fantastic images, mostly weddings, studio portraits, events, sport, streets and industry. Next week in Central Library (Friday 25th & Saturday 26th November), Debbie Adele Cooper who is the artist for the project, will be leading craft and art activities with the photographs. We will also have more images on display & I will be on hand to discuss the images, glass plate negative preservation and to assist people to search the collection. It is all free and from 10am-4pm. Would be great to see some of you there!
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