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  1. Stephen, this is not the map I'm looking for. I need a better resolution on the detailed street map of Prescot in 1847. Can you help? Paul
  2. Thanks very much, Stephen. Also, please send your mailing address. I promised you a book and I haven’t forgotten.
  3. Hello Hort, No, this isn't the one I'm looking for. I am looking for Prescot showing the middle of town: Church St., Eccleston, and Hillock. It is generally the first map that comes up whenb you search for "Prescot map 1848." I appreciate your trying, however. Paul
  4. Hi all, My book is in the design and layout phase of publication. We are having trouble with one illustration: the map of Prescot in 1848. My copy does not reproduce clearly. The letters are so small, the map is unusable. Does anyone know where I can get a very clear reproducible copy of the map? Otherwise, I will have to omit it from the book, which would be unfortunate as my main focus is a man born in Prescot in 1821. Paul Rollins Decatur, Georgia PROL205066@aol.com
  5. Hi all, It's been a while since I last posted. Since then, my book is in the design and layout phase of publication. I want to include the map of Prescot in 1848. However, my copy lacks clarity and cannot be reproduced distinctly by the publisher. Where can I get a clear copy, perhaps from the original? Thank you! Paul Rollins Atlanta, GA PROL205066@aol.com
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