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  1. So what piqued your interest in August?

  2. Please come back Andy, some of us miss you.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SaintJeff


      me neither :D was asking Hort really

    3. Phyll


      Oh ok, sorry I thought you were talking to me. :lol:

    4. Andyr00
  3. Wonder if Griffin still rides a bike round Windle...

  4. No quoting isnt half making threads read weird, ive no idea who is insulting who now...

  5. Curious if anyone has tried it out? Does it just add data to a family tree you already have or do they create a new one based on the results. Hope its worth it. Just posted a pack off...
  6. Do come in,  come in  see the spectacle, feel the myth surround you and breaeaththth...

  7. So ill

    worst crimbo ever

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    2. Andyr00


      Jeff I'm  flattered you dont think i already am. 

    3. SaintJeff


      Actually I do, I was thinking more of on connect in general.

    4. Andyr00


      You just think you do and ive always been your biggest fanatic

  8. Quite amusing that hort for monday morning
  9. I know this is not the little chef itself but its the same building as they once were side by side. Lots of pics of the Haydock little chef! I suppose it's not the caldo as it was either...
  10. Hort I wonder if this was the first fatality of many on that road. Do you know the circumstances, I understood he went down the banking on a slide into the path of a wagon. Incredibly unlucky due to the low traffic then, I think it might have still been single lanes then. Joe went into the RAF btw
  11. Actually thats completely wrong.
  12. Has Honey gone?

    1. mally


      yes !  I liked her but she got pissed off with someone on here that is no longer here ! 

    2. Andyr00


      Well let's not speak ill of the dead unless you meant Babs, in which case brain dead doesn't count. That leaves andyr00 who Honey wouldnt have left on account of their being Very good friends.

      probably just someone being vindictive 

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