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  1. ooooo halj..thats very interesting although I have no idea at the moment how to find out if that one is part of my tree too..thanks for it though.. Hopefully it will all come together eventually
  2. Artyfarty..I agree wholeheartedly ..you have all been extremely helpful. I'd have no idea where to start if I was left to my own devices.
  3. Thank you jvy20, thats one more ticked off ..all the info is correct so I think thats my cousin
  4. Hi GeoffB, the two cousins I havent been able to find information about were Welsby's by birth. One has assured me she was born in Dunfermline in 1945, The other one born in 1950 in Whiston possibly. So their parents were Norah Welsby (nee Molloy - 1923) and William Welsby (b 1923) My auntie Norah's 2nd marriage was to Frank Woodcock ..I found a reference to that ..possibly in 1971..no more children as far as I am aware. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi artyfarty, thanks for looking into this regarding my auntie and her first husband ..as far as I can find out Norah (b 1923) and William Welsby (b1923) had more children than are listed William (b1945 - d 1945) Carol (or Caroline - not sure which) (b1947 - d1947) Geoffrey (b1960 -) Then there are also two more siblings (my cousins) I know but who arent recorded (no idea why). One was born in 1945 in Scotland and the other one born in 1950. Is there a simple way to find divorces/second marriages?
  6. Thanks to you all for the help..I'm going to have fun following up on everything you've found. One more question though please..I have a photograph of mother and grandfather taken sometime in the early 50's I'd say. They're standing on the steps of a grand building, perhaps in Colwyn Bay North Wales. Do you have any tips as to a way of finding the location?..a place to post things like this maybe?.. thanks anyway for the help so far
  7. Stephen, thank you for that - I'll have a look at both options GeoffB - You obviously have the experience to know what you're doing When I feel a bit more confident I'd probably like to do that, 'adopt' my family - thank you for the offer.
  8. Wow! so much info! GeoffB - in your 2nd link - for Norah..Where is says 'Census 1939 et is that meaning Norah?..wouldnt she have been 16 then, not 13 as stated if she was born in 1923? ..or am I reading it wrong somewhere? I'm excited to find all these cousins jvy20 - so much info there! I have so much to look into now Thank you both so very much for looking up all this info - I'm very glad I checked out this forum - its amazing. As the amount of info is now building up - does anyone have an opinion where/how to transcribe it all? There seems to be more info than will fit on a simple family tree idea..how do you all keep your own information and details in a structured and easily accessible format? I'd be grateful for any ideas you may all have. thank you again x
  9. Thanks for yet another snippet which is helping me to fill in the many gaps John Life can be both strange and sad Phyll, but I suppose thats why its not boring
  10. First of all. thank you very much for the welcome I can see Phyll is right - you're certainly a lovely, friendly and extremely helpful bunch of people here You seem to be right about my mother and auntie dying within days of each other - what a strange coincidence that is. Something happened between them a long time ago - I think when my nin died. I wasnt ever told what it was but they havent spoken or stayed in touch since - in fact I was led to believe that Auntie Marcella was dead, so have never made any effort to get in touch - how tragic if that wasnt so and I have missed all these years. I'm very excited about all the information you have unearthed for me about my family but I'm realising it doesnt half tug at the heartstrings doesnt it? thanks to all of you x
  11. ooo I'm all excited now This is the first bit of concrete info I've got..thank you all very much for giving me this start..do you have any suggestions where I go from here? As far as I know my uncle (Thomas, as I now know) died very young. ..one other thing..there was an elder sister to my mother Winifred, she was called Marcella and she married a George Beer, they lived in Cornwall when I knew them..do you know any reason she wouldnt be mentioned? She wasnt living with them then maybe?
  12. I just remembered something else..my grandmothers maiden name was Deville (French connection there apparently) One thing I've noticed on reading posts here - other people use the title 'nin' for their gran ..now I know where I got that from
  13. Thanks for your advice My mothers name was Winefride Molloy (although we just found out it was actually spelt 'Winifred' on her birth certificate - she must have just preferred the other spelling, because she had drilled it into us that it was spelt like St Winefride) I was illegitimate and never knew my father..so thats a bit of a dead end - he was Welsh, thats all I know.. My maternal grandmother was Jane Molloy and maternal grandfather was Thomas Molloy - of Irish descent. On my mothers birth certificate it says he worked as a Labourer, Bronze Foundry at Electric Cable Works. Dates are very few..all I know for sure is my mother was born 21 Feb 1931 and died 12 March 2016. Anything that anyone knows would be of interest to me. We left Prescot when I was 5 and moved to Wales where I have spent most of my life since, but I do have some memories of my time before we moved. I remember we lived in front of the Gas Works and remember the big round towers. The Street had big flat cobbles, it wasnt tarmaced. There was an alley that ran along the back of the houses. The house was a terrace with a parlour as you came in the front door, a best room that you werent allowed to use unless it was a special occasion it had a back room with a fire and that was where we lived. A small kitchen came off that and I remember sitting in the big sink getting washed The stairs curved up from the back room to two sparse rooms upstairs. Everything was sparse in those days as we were pretty poor I think. Outside there was a narrow yard and the old man who lived next door kept budgies. Around the corner was a grassy sloping area I think called 'the wreck'. There were quite a few bits of ground that was just piles of bricks and rubble with lots of Rosebay Willowherb growing amongst it, with their tall pink flowering stems that the bees loved. I remember a girl called Pamela Webster who lived opposite on the corner, and a corner shop where I once had a 'Vimto' until a lad told me it was made out of spiders blood .. I have a photo of me taking part in a procession with lots of other girls dressed all in white and walking along the street (might be St Helens Rd)
  14. Hi all, I'm a newbie on here so go easy on me please I was born in 1957 in Whiston Hospital. My mother lived with her mother and father at 32 Evans St, Prescot. We lived there until I was about 5 yrs old then we moved away, only returning occasionally to vist relatives in the area. I have a few memories from my early years but would love to know more. I have very little other knowledge of my family history but would love to know anything at all that people may remember - either of the family or any information about the area in the 40's, 50's or 60's. I havent been on a site like this before so am not aware of how much info I should put on here..do I post names?..how much info is ok and how much is too much?..is there such a thing?
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