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  1. You are supposed to be promoting Dave not putting folk off
  2. Hi Boris. I have some Benyons in my tree including a few Frederick Augustus Benyons. The oldest Benyon in my tree is this area is Joseph Benyon 1857-1917 who married a Martha Unsworth. If you are descended from this couple then we are related Feel free to send me a message if you want to compare notes. Regards, Jan
  3. Hello all. As I seem to have loads of connections to Parr and St Helens in my tree (and surrounding areas).. If anyone on St Helens Connect has done an Ancestry DNA test and/or has uploaded their results to GEDMATCH or FTDNA feel free to send me your details either on here or privately and I'll look if we have a connection. Jan x
  4. Hi Andy & Madge, I am also related to these Mercers so if you have anything of interest I would love to see it. Thanks, Jan
  5. Hi all. I am also interested in the Mercers if anyone finds anything of interest. Jan :-)
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