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  1. Is it that clever clogs Asian chaser from The Chase ?
  2. Thanks for that gerv. If all the area inside the boundary line is to be built upon that will be one hell of a housing development.
  3. Did anyone, residents or golf club members attend last nights "emergency" meeting ?
  4. Love the train on the bridge photo Did this happen by chance, or did you plan it with good timing.
  5. The Lib Dem leaflet states, and I quote "As part of this undertaking, they (the council) claim that there is insufficient suitable brownfield sites to accommodate the Borough's future housing needs for the two stage Local Plan period." No suitable brownfield sites ? All across the Borough they seem to be building houses everywhere. Leaving aside the question of where are the places of employment that pay people enough wages (in these days of zero hour contracts and food banks) to have the money for a deposit and then mortgage/loan payments, could our Laybuh Council have a hidden agenda? If they have been instructed from above to release land from the Greenbelt, why pick a golf course in a certain district of the town. Do they imagine that the type of person who is a member or who plays golf there may not be a Laybuh voter ? Is it because Eccleston Park and Eccleston have three Lib Dem councillors ? Is that well known socialist trait - the politics of envy - behind this ?
  6. Non sibi you could be right. The Golf Club entrance being in Rainhill Road has I think a WA postcode, meaning it comes under St. Helens Portico Lane is in Eccleston Park and does have a Liverpool postcode L34 and is in Prescot. When the golf club was opened they didn't call it Rainhill Golf Club after the area it was In, but Eccleston Park Golf Club because it had a more upmarket ring about it. To further confuse the matter, whilst Portico Lane is in Eccleston Park which is in Prescot, and many residents have 0151 phone numbers, for Council Tax purposes they come under St Helens. So, the worst of both worlds Having a Liverpool postcode and an 0151 dial code people have them down as Scousers But for Council Tax purposes they're Woolybacks.
  7. The info came from a special edition Focus newsletter from the Lib Dem councillors who cover Eccleston and Eccleston Park Wards. It goes on to explain that the site is one of a number of sites proposed to be released from the Green Belt across the above areas. It is projected that up to 968 new homes could be built during the two-phase Local Plan Period. If it goes ahead, they claim it would make Eccleston the most densely populated area of St Helens. They are calling a public meeting to discuss/ debate this news at Our Lady's Church on Portico Lane tomorrow night at 7pm
  8. Info just received says local Laybuh council are considering releasing "green belt " designated land around the borough to be used for new house building. Amongst the sites under consideration is Eccleston Park Golf Course, which really should be titled Rainhill Golf Course as it is on the land of the former Rainhill mental hospital. Unsure if it's part of the land occupied by the golf club or all of it that is to be built on. Who owned the land when it was part of the hospital, NHS, Crown or the Council ?
  9. Superb photos as ever. Question. In the pic oblivious in Corporation Street, what's that on the pavement in front of the doorway ? Could it be Hort's elusive one eyed ferret ? If so the buggers put some weight on
  10. I was under the impression they were called Conversation Pieces. In addition to the characters mentioned, I recall a Little Chirrup. I think they were penned by a Cliff Gerrard under the name Cee Gee. I think he also published a small booklet/ guide as to which acts/turns were appearing at the the many Labour/working men's' Clubs that abounded at the time, called Scene.
  11. Thanks for that info. The info was given to me back in the early seventies when the house was occupied by a member of the Ashall family who had the Ford Dealership on City Road.
  12. Hard times indeed. Reminds me of a poem a workmate would recite every Xmas when I worked at the BI in MICD. T'was Christmas Day in the workhouse The season of good cheer And the paupers were making merry Stuffing their guts with beer This threw the Workhouse Master into a terrible rage He swore by all his gods I'll see ye get no Christmas pud, ye lazy rotten sods ! Then up spake one brave pauper His face, as bold as brass "We don't want yer Christmas pud," "Yer can shove it up yer --- !" Incidentally, I was told that the retirement home on the corner of Central Avenue and Park Road was once the dwelling of the Whiston Workhouse Master.
  13. If the local Labour council are receiving Rates/ Council Tax from whoever owns this eyesore and piece of land they won't give A monkeys. "Now't do with us", they say as they fill their coffers.
  14. ..and finally Sidings Lane, Rainford Bypass Sign reads Will all Dogging Event attendees - performers, audience participants and spectators,at the end/climax of the performance put all tissues/wipes and used condoms in the recepticles provided. This is to project the environment and prevent the squirrels choking on thoughtlessly discarded nodders. The music Je T'aime ...Moi non plus Aye, aye, that's yer lot !
  15. Another .. Town Centre Sign reads St Helens Town Centre (Twinned with Dodge City) Enter at your peril. If the murderers, bank robbers, motor cycle smash and grab merchants, druggies and pickpockets don't get you rest assured the Parking Wardens will. The music Approaching Menace. The Mastermind theme.
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