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  1. Best get your carpets quick @RATTY the building is being knocked down as Enterprise Rent a Car is expanding its facilities next door and taking over that land. I have always been curious as to what the original use of the building was!?
  2. Hey @Robbob2010 some others to look out for in the town, former Chalon Way Hotel is having works done, not sure who the end user is yet. Greenwoods is apparently opening in the Hardshaw Centre next to Home Bargains/Heron. Not seen it myself but family said there are signs in the window and fit out is commencing.
  3. Hi Phyll, it wasn’t aimed at yourself it just so happened that yours was the last post in the thread. I can tell from your post that you are well aware of what the community faces. I hope other people are able to read it and take a different view from it on why it is all still so relevant. On a different note... the former Poundworld before it moved on the corner of the Hardshaw Centre, is to be converted into two smaller units for A3 (food and drink) usage. Also on the Florida Farm development in Haydock, the largest warehouse has been reduce from over 900,000 sq.ft down to around 360,000 sq.ft plus office space, with Amazon being lined up as it’s end user.
  4. Unfortunately that is the type of rhetoric that the LGBT+ community is trying to raise awareness of. I can see why some people may think that there is a lot of presence from the community now days, but it is not about pressing the so called ‘gay agenda’ on people it is about raising the awareness and educating people about what the community still faces in modern day society. Being gay myself, I am lucky to say that family and friends were supportive unlike some others who are ostracised from their homes and families. In regards to language used, I can understand when people take it too far in being ‘politically correct’ which is annoying even to me. One area that is more crucial though is when speaking to younger generations, it is the hardest thing to come to terms with, accepting that you are gay (or other L, G, T) and then getting the courage to tell your family. It personally took me years before I finally came out as you play out every bad scenario in your head, as you have grown up being told by society in general that it is not ‘normal’ to be anything other than in a straight relationship. I can personally say that small comments and actions from parents, which meant nothing in reality, stopped me coming out to them for years, all through fear. I know look back and think that it was completely stupid and over reacting, but until you have experienced that scenario it is hard to understand. Another aspect that pride raises awareness for is even though it may seem like society is open minded and accepting in today’s society, there is still an increasing amount of hate crimes that take place. Again unfortunately I have been victim to one only about a year ago, whilst this wasn’t physically violent, myself along with my partner had items thrown at us and comments made as well as a confrontation, all because we was holding hands in public. Many ‘normal’ straight couples take for granted the actions they are able to express in a public domain such as holding hands, a small kiss, a loving hug... many from the LGBT are too afraid of doing this in public with their partners as they don’t feel safe. It is only now when I think back that I have not held my partners hand out in public since that event occured. There are other occasions when you get the dirty looks, muttered insults and other stuff, this is what becomes the ‘norm’ for life as a gay person which you just learn to ignore and deal with, although no one in society should have to just put up with constant derogatory words and actions. Whether this is sexuality, religion, origin or anything. I hope that me telling my story has given an insight to why pride celebrations are still relevant in today’s society and why it is becoming more prominent that towns and places are showing their support. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and that shouldn’t be changed it’s what makes us individuals, all we should ask from each other is courtesy and respect to gain a greater understanding of different perspectives. Just a quick point for anyone who is straight and supports the LGBT community their is actually a flag for you! We don’t leave no one out, you can check it out attached Apologies for the really long post, but hope you can take an alternative perspective on the matter.
  5. Would be great to see that bit of land at the back of the Salvation Army and car park dug back up with the canal restored to its former glory! Be a great opportunity for new developments and restore one of the towns forgotten gems, such an iconic piece of history.
  6. The unit where Poundworld is vacating had a planning application submitted to change the use to include cafe usage. Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee house) is actively looking for several sites within the town, so potentially a brand new business may locate in that vacant unit. On a different note, some positive news that the restaurant group who owns Chiquittos is still ‘considering’ which restaurant brand to locate on the new Linkway West development. Plus they have now started pile driving the foundations for the bowling alley, long overdue start onthat site. I have been in direct contact with the developers and they stated that occupiers had previously left because they need it to be commercially viable for them as developers (I translate that to be they are charging too much in rent). Robbob, you may want to take some pics of St.Helens Retail Park, where Dunelm is. I think work will start at some point this year to refurbish this site. New car park layout, Aldi relocating and expanding, B&M expanding, relocation of Poundworld and Jollies (to potentially include cafe and vets) and creation of two new small units. Full plan can be found at: https://www.cspretail.com/properties/st-helens-retail-park/
  7. Poundworld is also due to relocate into the back of the former Woolworths store near cafe zhino, from its current position up near the bus station.
  8. This building is going to be Chiquito's Mexican Restaurant
  9. TJ's planning app was for two additional windows at the back of the store where the bus station is and to extend the front of the store internally within the Hardshaw Centre so that the front lines up with the wall where the lifts are to the car park above. Also the old Scotts/Card Factory is being renovated into one store for JD Sports to relocate into. You can see it on the map in the link, note they have only updated certain parts of the map http://www.shopproperty.co.uk/pdf/40009851557ECQA_2.pdf?id=bd3b0b4f4b224c668efbbadb93a090e8
  10. Its a Costa Coffee, but not a drive thru it will be the same as the one on Ravenhead Retail Park. There is also another Costa going on the westpoint site which is going to be a drive thru.
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