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  1. https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/media/1702/unit-10-catapult-too-letting-particulars.pdf
  2. I shouldn’t think so – I’m wandering what c tax band it would come under!!!
  3. excellent image - Not fancy signing up with BBC Weather - never know your image might end up on telly
  4. 5th Jan 17 – lake frozen over – 2c
  5. those apartments in Hall St - average price is £50k - service charge is £2k year
  6. Regrettably those original newspapers, reporters ect were literally disposed of many years ago, and that was only after Vivian retired, even though they were all damp and musty she insisted they remain.
  7. 67 / 68 I had a spell in Forsters re Rockware though didn’t stay long as shift work didn’t go down well with a medication I was taking, I still have a souvenir, a parison mould from 3 tank
  8. and that is correct - I remember the platforms and goods trains but not old enough to remember passengers coaches added 5 minutes later No, originally it was the school clinic where we went for injections polio ect, dentist and the 'nit' nurse and like Haydock High it came under Lancashire County Council, three roses on the shield.
  9. Haydock Medical Centre at the top end of Station Road - yes but what was it originally?
  10. easy when you know – any idea on what the lion represents
  11. no where near - its in Haydock and related to LCC
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