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  1. Hi could you check if a rebecca brooks.her maidenname devenport is buried at stpeters pauls please .i. doing ancestrry and was told of my relative she is buried there 

    1. RATTY


      Michelle these are all the Brooks buried at St Peter's according to the gravestone transcriptions.

      Albert Edward,HildaJames Henry, William Henry
       F F A, J H
       Jane,  Beatrice, Lillian Mary Thomas,William (2) Frederick  and  Mary 

      No Rebecca, she may still be there but have no memorial stone. Just ask if you need anything else.

    2. Dave


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  2. Will be on a weeks holiday commencing 1st July, so if anyone needs look ups, please let me know.
  3. I think that sometimes the records later recorded digitally from old church handwritten records, are merely how someone has originally recorded them, often in double writing. A lot of the MI inscriptions for Parr St Peter's have the plot purchasers from "Rainford Street, Parr" (?) when it is clearly Ramford Street, Parr.
  4. Will be going up here the week week commencing 21st , so if you want any look ups...
  5. No head stones on any of the graves Steve, but Le200 is 100% correct. Sorry, only just seen this, but double checked.
  6. Looking over the MI's haji, I cannot find a record for either one in St Peter's. Sorry.
  7. Will be there this week if anyone needs any look ups/ pics.
  8. Burial dates Hin I think. Again, cannot find records for the names and dates you mentioned, sorry. John.
  9. Hiya Hin. Thomas and Matilda are in the 1926 section. No headstone. Thomas 15 June 1951 aged 69yrs Matilda 2 April 1953 aged 69 yrs. Samel Cundliffe in a family grave, centre section again no stone. Also interred in the same grave are Miles and Esther Cundliffe, and James and Mary Cleary. Cannot find any other records. That said, the records show whole swathes of the graveyard to be recorded as simply "Grave full. No records". These tend to be common graves, not those purchased by families. Hope some of this helps. John.
  10. Hiya Missy. Gerald O'Donnell .2nd August 1967. aged 52 yrs. Grave purchased by Mrs Wetton. The grave is in the 1926 section, behind the vicarage, John.
  11. Hiya w1lma. Have replied to your PM.
  12. On hols the coming week, so if anyone needs look ups/ pics..(y)
  13. Look it up in St Helens libraries. Cost you nowt,
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