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    Blaylocks and Bears Paw

    Remember it well. I used to go there for my dinner, on Friday, when i went to St.Helens Tech College. Great fish chips peas bread and butter and tea.
  2. TerryinDublin

    Ashall's garage, Ford dealer.

    Tom Finney gave me my first job ever. I was an apprentice in Ashalls. I started in April 1965 and Finished in 1973. Tom Finney was a real gentleman. He made sure I went to St.Helens Tech College. The first mechanic i worked with was Carl Mayhew. Stan was the foreman in the bodyshop when i worked there 65 to 73
  3. TerryinDublin

    wimpy estate ,blackbrook

    Yes. I lived in Ashurst Drive from 1954 to 1980. My mum and dad still live there. Names I remember.. Alan Hardiman, Billy Rigby, Colin and David Rotherham, Willie Thornton, Graham and Bill Holden, David Winstanley, Lenny Lowery, Frank Fillingham , Alan Dean. Graham Roberts, Alan and Sandy Atherton Bill Bailey. I went to St.Anselms from 1961 to 1965.

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